Bitcoin Cash Developers Launches Beta Version of Privacy-Preserving Light Client Neutrino

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launches Beta Version of Privacy-Preserving Light Client Neutrino


According to a recent report, Neutrino has been pre-released by the same set of individuals who created the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) full node Bchd and it is presently available to Android users.

Bchd Light Client Neutrino Bets App is now available on Google Play Store

Programmer, Chris Pacia and the developers of the Bchd full node made it known that they have launched this project and it is presently available for download on Google Play store. However, it is still in its preliminary stages.

This news is not new to the fans of BCH as Pacia had previously revealed how the light client works on his Twitter account. He had also spoken at length about the project before releasing the video demo.

Neutrino operates by making use of the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) and it allows its users to store coins non-custodial.

Most Advanced Crypto Wallet

According to the Google Play store,
“Neutrino is the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency wallet to date,” “Whereas all other wallets leak information about your transactions to third parties, it uses a new technique called client-side filtering to obfuscate your transaction downloads to better preserve your privacy.” it continued.

SPV wallets have been in use for a long time (BIP0037), however, they are not similar as some users such as Electron Cash and BRD call particular servers in order to be able to validate transactions and they allow their clients to connect to a custom node.

Also, bitcoin network developers Jim Posen and Laolu “Roasbeef” Osuntokun created BIPs 157/158 which brought about the concept of client-side filtering for Neutrino.

The developers of Bchd full node which is written in Golang intends to make use of the client-side Neutrino wallet which is not in any way related to Lightning. Other wallets can make use of the Neutrino protocol to support the SPV experience if they wish to.