New Tasking Platform, that Pays Rewards using BCH has Been Launched

New Tasking Platform, that Pays Rewards using BCH has Been Launched


A new tasking platform called has become the talk of the crypto community because of the rewards of BCH it gives users who take part in surveys, complete bounties and give a response to questions. is Supported by Bitcoin Cash

A Berlin-based programmer called Tobias B made it known that he has launched, a Question and Answer and tasking site which is been supported by Bitcoin Cash and gives incentives to its users in the form of BCH.

According to the developer of the platform, while he was addressing fans of BCH, users on the platform can ask questions and place bounties on them in order for other users to answer them to get the incentive. He went ahead to say he created the platform while having Fiverr and StackOverflow at the back of his mind.

There are 3 main features on the site which are available to users who are registered. These include: solving tasks, resolving disputes, and creating tasks.

Tobias said that:
“After a user solved a task on and the creator accepted it, the reward will immediately be paid out to the user’s payout address, ” “No user balances are stored on the site,” he added.

What the Platform Offers

Presently, the platform has several different undertakings for its users, these include the recommendation of a tourist guide, description of good streaming movies to another user, and bug report bounties.

Also, users are allowed to advertise things and utilize specific tags for services such as programming, writing, bounties, translation, web design, graphics editing, and tourism. In order to settle a dispute, users can get a specified percentage of the task’s reward and the platform also charges a fee of 1%.

Other added features by the developer are Jonathan Silverblood’s Cash-ID specifications and Badger wallet support.