Bitcoin Embassy Launched in New Hampshire

Bitcoin Embassy Launched in New Hampshire

A new educational center called the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire has been launched by crypto advocates resident in the Keene region of New Hampshire. Keen which is described as a city for “libertarian philosophies” has been pushing the course of the cryptos industry for quite a while now.

The Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire

Advocates of the crypto industry, resident in Keene made it know at a group meeting that a hub where everything that has to do with cryptocurrency will be discussed has been launched. The hub was named the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire.

The advocates made it known that the embassy will be an educational center dedicated to teaching people all about digital assets.

There have been reports of other similar bitcoin hubs like this across the US. A good example of this is the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy. This hub is the brainchild of the Jeffrey Tucker an Austrian economist.

Based on a recent blog post from Keene’s advocates, the new embassy is expected to offer free “Bitcoin 101” classes for visitors.
This blog post further stated that: “With the goals of education, networking, and inspiration, head ambassador and instructor Chris Rietmann opened the doors to the Bitcoin Embassy NH in October and has already created a “Bitcoin101” class that is free to take,”

The blog further stated that:
“Donations are certainly welcomed if you find the class valuable and classes are also available for those looking to learn how to accept crypto at their businesses.”

High Community Adoption

The Keen crypto advocate group have been making moves within the community, target at making sure that crypto adoption in the region is at its peak. A recent report made it known that the group has been able to convince merchants into accepting digital assets in the city such as a dentist, Indian restaurant, hair salon, and vape shop.