Bitrise Coin Made Me Millionaire, It’s a Next Safemoon – Says Mathew & Stephen

Bitrise Coin Made Me Millionaire, It’s a Next Safemoon – Says Mathew & Stephen

BitRise millionaires

Finding a promising and trustworthy crypto coin to invest in was all Matthew and Stephen were looking for. Main coins such as Safemoon, Shiba Inu, Metahero, Binamon, Evergrow, and Everrise were doing well, but they settled on Bitrise, a little known but highly potent coin, and the result can simply be termed as ‘magical!’ They are now some of the millionaires BitRise coin has made in just months.

Mathew, from Maryland, USA, sold safemoon worth $4000 and purchased $4000 USD worth of BitRise token in July, just after the token debuted at around $0.0000000026. Within three months, the coin value has increased to $0.00000006, at the time of writing, which is about a +2,158.38% increase. That’s how Mathew has become a millionaire in about 3 months. Right now, he has made 1.1m USD on an all-time high and is sitting at 1m USD profits by just selling his safemoon. 

The case of Stephen, from Manchester UK, is not different from that of Mathew. He came in August when the token was still slow but on an upward trajectory. He invested in BitRise tokens worth 10000 USD. With the bullish rise of $BRISE value, he has now made 900k USD on an all-time high and now sitting at 900k profits.

Mathew and Stephen, and thousands of other investors, made such massive profits when Bitrise coin marketcap has only passed $25 million. With a projection of a billion dollars marketcap, we can expect investors to get good returns in the coming months. With over 2000 people joining every day, it won’t take long for Bitrise to make more millionaires.

But what exactly is driving the value of the BitRise token? Let’s take a quick look at this coin to help you understand why it is the hottest token in the market today.

What is BitRise?

Bitrise is a hyper-deflationary payment network token that offers incredible DeFi tokenomics. The token rewards investors for holding tokens in BNB while also incorporating the Buyback approach to reduce tokens in circulation.

It charges a 12% tax on every transaction. Every 5% from this transaction fee is spent on Buyback. It is stored in the Buyback contract, which automatically buys tokens from the liquidity pool. 

It is important to note that Bitrise is the first cryptocurrency ever to include automatic Buyback with the real use case of payment systems. This means no individual can manipulate the volume of tokens in circulation.

4% of the tax collected is distributed to all token holders in the form of BNB as a reward and automatically sent into investors’ wallets every 60 minutes. Therefore, Bitrise token rewards guarantee a steady passive income that is generated every hour. The remaining 3% is spent on marketing the token.

In addition to the innovative DeFi tokenomics, the Bitrise team is offering astounding products that are increasing token utility. Take a look at Bitrise Audit, which provides free audits to blockchains and smart contract projects. It was launched in August 2021.

The BitRise Payment system is another upcoming product that’s growing the token value. The payment system uses BitRise dApp Wallet, which is already developed and has a Beta 2 version available. The dApp wallet enables P2P service, where two individuals can transact local currency directly with each other on a faster and secure ecosystem, at zero free.  

BitRise Token is not limited to buying, selling, and holding but also has a real use case of payment system utility globally and P2P lending. The team is also developing Bitrise Exchange, a centralized platform that charges lower transaction fees and offers incredibly high throughput. Check out the token roadmap and whitepaper to see other reasons why it is one of the most sought-after tokens today.

Can Bitrise Coin Grow More?

The answer is YES. Bitrise has just passed the $25 million marketcap and will go all the way to billion dollars. This means huge opportunities for crypto investors. The coin has all the qualities to be the ‘ next Safemoon ‘ and other bullish coins in the market. 

Bitrise is not a hyped coin but a product that will transform the financial industry in a big way with its sophisticated blockchain-based ecosystems. With a +2,158.38% increase in value, there is no doubt that Bitrise coin is a product any smart crypto investor should pay close attention to and invest in. 

Do not be left behind. Be among the 2000+ investors that will join today and start making money from your $BRISE.