Global Audience with Blockchain Company: Meet Dunderdog and DUDGX

Global Audience with Blockchain Company: Meet Dunderdog and DUDGX

Dunderdog blockchain company solution



Apart from the fact that currently, blockchain technology is the latest rave in the technology scene around the world. The use of blockchain technology to bring a project with enough potential to interest people who will in turn invest is something hard to come by using old and conventional means.

The use of personalized tokens is also one key aspect of blockchain technology. Just like it is in the case of DUDGX, as long as the project is functional and all milestones are met, the sale of the token will continue. This will, in turn, fetch more funds targeted at expanding the business.

The token also plays a major role in unifying price of products. Since the project is serving a global audience, rather than being worried about exchange rates and how to get money across to the team, a potential client can easily convert such money into Cryptos and have it sent to the team’s wallet address from any corner of the world.

Dunderdog blockchain company case study

Dunderdog is a blockchain based project which is into manufacturing high-end custom fit personal protective equipment (PPE). The PPE made by Dunderdog is aimed at those into extreme sports and stunting. The company also deal with the manufacturing of semi-custom fit PPE targeted for users that don’t require 100 perfect fitting. This type of users only cares about padding and protection.
The team behind the Dunderdog project are said to have more than 10 years of experience in the stunt industry so they are exposed to the effect of an excellent or substandard product. They know firsthand the negative effect of a badly fitted PPE, therefore they are dedicated to developing a product which not only fits well but is strong enough to withstand forces which can easily damage them while in use. Their years of experience in the industry make them the perfect set of people to create a worthy PPE.

Cost Effective Products

One thing the Dunderdog team is particular about is reducing cost. The team is quite certain that cost is a key factor that determines the quality of the PPE. As a result of this, they are set out to find ways through which quality PPE will be made available in the market, at a cost effective rate. This means individuals in need of a custom fitted PPE will not have to settle for substandard materials which can, in turn, do more harm than good.

They also know that in the current market the choices are limited and cost prohibitive to obtain custom fitted PPE. Their goal is to develop a safety product that was cost-effective and custom tailored to the individual who will be using the product.

Dunderdog’s has also made it clear that their approach to manufacturing is quite different from what the stunt industry is accustomed too. The company combines many steps which start with a full body scan, through which the exact measurements of the potential user get taken. Once this is done, the measurement taken is then processed using their in-house software. After this is done, the last stage of production, 3dprinting is initiated.

DUDGX coin

DUDGX is the official coin of the Dunderdog project. The coin serves as the channel through which the project is able to fund itself. The rise in price and sales from the coins are used for the purpose of development and research of new products and processes.

Just like with many blockchain related projects tokens, making use of the DUDGX while shopping for your PPE on the Dunderdog platform will get you discounted price. The use of other popular cryptos will not attract any form of discount. This is one-way Dunderdog is fueling the use of its coins.