EVOS – A Game-Changing Service for Masternode Investments

EVOS – A Game-Changing Service for Masternode Investments

Evos Masternode Investments platform



As cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming a part of the mainstream global economy, the technology behind them is evolving simultaneously. The concept of Masternode (MN) Coins is getting a lot of acceptance from the crypto community because of a plethora of benefits it brings to the table.

The Masternode (MN) digital tokens are hogging the limelight because of this two unique value propositions. Firstly, these digital assets do not require any resource-intensive mining. Secondly, a Masternodes allow their owners to generate a passive income.

So before we talk further about the EVOS project let us have a brief understanding of Masternodes (MN).

Understanding Masternodes

We can say that Masternode is nothing but a server or a cryptocurrency full node on a decentralized network. In comparison to normal nodes, Masternodes have a considerable difference in terms of their functionality. In addition to relaying the blocks/transactions and keeping the full record of the blockchain network, master nodes are responsible for some additional tasks like performing instant transactions, increasing the privacy of transactions, participating in the governance and voting of the blockchain network, besides many other things.

Because of all these increase capabilities, it requires sizeable investment to own and run a Masternode. Masternode operators are also incentivized by rewarding them with portions of the blocks for the cryptocurrency they’re supporting.

How EVOS Plans to Revolutionize the Masternode Ecosystem

Dubbed as the Evolution-of-Services, EVOS plans to build a unique ecosystem comprising of all cryptocurrency market participants.

As noted in its official white paper, EVOS’s new ecosystem for fiat payments can be used by everyone including users, investors, and project developers. The EVOS platform aims to streamline and simplify the use of digital assets in everyday life by facilitating the launch and development of coins, better transparency between investors and coin creators, as well as increased investment income.

Overcoming the Existing Loopholes in the Masternode Ecosystem

Although the concept of Masternode tokens is getting escalated due to its unique value proposition and higher ROI, the MN market is still novice and more susceptible to frauds and scams. It is sometimes found that dishonest developers in each stage of coin adoption, form a pre-sale as an exit scam on the exchanges.

Moreover, the newly launch MN coins claiming to solve real-life problems have got limited distribution. This restricts investment opportunities often leading them to a dead-end and ultimately causing their dissolution in the long run. Furthermore, investors without a proper technical guidance find it difficult buying, launching, hosting, and monitoring the Masternode (MN).

The EVOS Masternode platform helps to overcome all these loopholes. The platform features integrated automatic tools like trade bots and escrow bots to minimize the risks of investing. furthermore, it also provides simpler tools for acquiring, launching, hosting, and monitoring MNs through some pre-installed applications, common messenger apps, as well as services for developers to integrate trade, wallets, and management.

Additionally, EVOS will also tap into renowned online marketing channels and advertising platforms to attract more audience to its platform. These advertising platforms will help to promote new coins to millions of people who are interested in acquiring such assets. Thus, EVOS provides an opportunity for investors to profit from a digital asset by integrating it into real services. Furthermore, EVOS also incorporates different partner programs and social services thereby allowing investors to earn without experiencing the risks of coin’s volatility and fluctuating value.

EVOS provides a holistic approach to address issues of users, developers, and investors.

Adopting the Path of Tokenization

Note that to be a part of the EVOS ecosystem and avail its different and unique services, one needs to own the native EVOS coins. Thus, by creating a demand for its products and services, EVOS plans to simultaneously create a demand for its coins.

On the other hand, the growth in the coin’s value and the opportunity to earn attracts both long-term and short-term investors. Moreover, incentives like dividends from the MN rewards program also keeps investors hooked to the platform.

The EVOS platform plans to take a lot of steps to improve the long-term stability of its native digital tokens and the entire ecosystem. Complete details regarding the functionality of EVOS can be obtained through an overview of the project on CryptoShib website.

Website – https://www.evos.one/

Discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/FeUc93R