5000 Cryptocurrency Innovators and Investor to Meetup in Malta

5000 Cryptocurrency Innovators and Investor to Meetup in Malta

Malta Blockchain Summit

Malta has established itself as a trailblazer when it comes to cryptocurrency. The country will be playing host to the inaugural edition of “The Malta Blockchain Summit”. The event will see ICOs investors and innovators coming face to face. During the event, one will also see pre-ICO blockchain projects competing for a grand prize of $100,000. Summit will take place on November 1st and 2nd, 2018.

The Malta Blockchain Summit

Malta has been known for its accommodation for ICOs, so the “ICO Pitch Competition,” part of the event, whereby the final three ICOs will be sharing a grand price of $100,000 and have their projects launched in Malta is another way of pulling investment into the country through digital asset investments.

The Malta Blockchain Summit will have about five thousand people in attendance. Of these, about 100+ speakers, 300+ exhibitors, and sponsors are present. This makes the event a perfect place for innovators looking to grow their projects or are in need of advisors to find one and also network.

Innovations are Trooping Down to Malta

Malta is the hottest cake in town when it comes to launching or scaling a blockchain project. The lenient nature of the Crypto industry over there makes the country perfect to set up shop, for a blockchain company. Top blockchain projects, which are mostly crypto exchanges are moving their office down to Malta in recent times.

Bittrex recently announced that it will be opening a branch in Malta. The reason given by the CEO, Bill Shihara, is that the exchange is looking to have its coins and token listed faster and also have more coins listed on it Platform. Having the process done from Malta allows this.

Blockchain Project can Operate Pending Licensing

It has also been noted that Malta has no problem with Blockchain project running their operations while their licensing is still ongoing. However such projects are not exempted from obligation associated with following the legal framework put in place by the regulatory agency.