Neutron – An Educational Platform To Increase Crypto Awareness and Adoption

Neutron – An Educational Platform To Increase Crypto Awareness and Adoption

Neutron coin and platform



Some of the most common things that we hear about cryptocurrencies these days are risks, volatility, speculation, and much more. To a certain extent, these things are true. However, such opinions have created more panic keeping away investors to participate in the market even when the time is right.

So the question that arises is that should investors be staying away always due to high price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies? Nor really! If you look at the stock market history over the past few decades, there have been several cyclical periods of ups and downs. However, a number of smart investors across the globe continue to mint money from trading stocks even on a date. The simple reason is that these investors educate themselves enough to understand the nuances of the market, rather than being mere spectators or speculators.

Educating yourself about the market operations and understanding its modus operandi will help you to become a quality investor or trader over the long run. A number of cryptocurrency educating platforms have propped up giving investors deeper insights into trading of digital assets.

These platforms provide important information by assessing important parameters like the quality of the assets, the long-term outlook of the blockchain projects, the number of investors associated, and much more.

Today we will be discussing the Neutron platform that helps to educate investors and thus bring more players to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Neutron – A decentralized crypto educational platform.

As described on its official website, Neutron is the “world’s first decentralized education platform to improve crypto learning rate, support teaching & help demystify and spread cryptocurrency culture.”

The Neutron platform has also got its native Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency called the Neutron Coin (NTRN). Based on the amount of Neutron coins held, the platform gives its investors returns in form of automatic interest and up to 60%. This automatic interest facility gives users a steady growth of value and volume over time with a decreasing rate of inflation. This makes the Neutron coin a valuable choice for long-term investing along with a solid ROI.

The Neutron decentralized platform also provides a very conducive environment and incentives for users to win bounties by sharing or selling quality educational content and courses using the platforms simple drag and drop course builder.

Masternode as an investment option

Additionally, the Neutron network also implements the master node technology. The holders of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Neutron Coins can also operate as a “Nucleus Node” or a “Masternode” in order to support the network and get paid for the work that your node does. Neutron promises one of the best ROI in the cryptocurrency industry.

Masternode owners can expect anywhere around 60% returns by holding a minimum of 25K NTRN. On the other hand, a 30% return is offered for holding any amount of coins in the wallet. Note that the reward structure changes with every million blocks.

Learning, teaching and earning

With the interest earned, one can also purchase crypto learning courses about investing and understanding the crypto technology. Additionally, you can also get access to upcoming technologies, learn skills about programming as well as trading the digital assets. The Neutron platforms employ a screening process to ensure that only the best learning content is available to its users.

Teachers in return get completely paid for the knowledge they impart as Neutron doesn’t change any fees from them. All in all, the Neutron platform is a complete ecosystem wherein one can learn all the essential aspects of a cryptocurrency industry.

Technical Details Regarding the project’s Coin

Circulating Supply: 35,066,669
RPC Port: 32000
P2P Port: 32001
Block Time: 79 seconds
Total Coin Supply: 68,000,000
Algorithm: SHA256d
PoS Kicked In: @ block 500
PoS Coin Maturity: 5h (hiPOS)
PoW Generated Coins: 1,000,000
Launch & Premine: Fair Launch, No Premine, No IPO/ICO

Future Roadmap

So far the Neutron platform has accomplished major promotional and some technical stuff like public relations, rebranding and new positions, developing a new wallet, and also getting listed on the Cryptopia and Nova exchanges.

Some of the further long-term goals include ledger integration, business partnerships, sponsoring programs, extensive public relations, direct web payments, Neutron memberships, Platform Gamification, Blockchain-backed University, Crypto-Education Franchising, and Cryptocurrency Marketplace.