The Brise Paradise Public Presale is Live; A Community of Crypto Enthusiasts In The Maldives Invites Members

The Brise Paradise Public Presale is Live; A Community of Crypto Enthusiasts In The Maldives Invites Members

Brise Paradise

Apr 03, 2022 — The Brise Paradise presale went live on 25th March with an aim to sell 35% of the total token supply, which will become the fuel for building a crypto-enthusiastic community in the Maldives. Presale raised over USD 100,000 in the first 24 hours and is still ongoing to reach the hard cap. The purpose is to let people enjoy their time in the Maldives while working on collaborations, product launches, holding events, etc. Brise Paradise is going to become a dedicated spot for cryptocurrency communities. As a dedicated establishment to accommodate crypto communities, Brise Paradise can become a special space in the Maldives for people to visit and enjoy around the year. Visit the website or join the telegram community to get step by step details on how to participate in the presale.

Idea Behind Building the Project

The development of Brise Paradise is meant to empower the cryptocurrency communities. This project is intended to change the way people adopt blockchain technologies and bring another use case to the mainstream. 

The hotel and private island resort are to become dedicated spaces and hubs for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency universe. The motive is to build spaces where crypto enthusiasts feel welcomed and share new experiences with their family, friends, and colleagues. 

Besides offering a great escape and a place for networking, Brise Paradise will also adopt several CSR activities to help preserve the natural beauty of the island and marine life.

Brise Paradise Business Model

A startup project under Bitgert’s umbrella developed on the BRISE Chain. The Brise Paradise hotel will be built on a Maldivian island, FaresMaathoda, which is the home of the founder. Besides its geographically-ambient location, the hotel is being built to be transformed into the heart of the island. Visitors here will find themselves meddling with like-minded individuals from the crypto community and limitless exploration potential of nearby uninhabited islands. 

The initial funding for the project will be raised from token public presale, to which you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to accumulate for your free bookings redemptions under their token holder perks. PRDS is the native token connected to the project and has a limited supply of one billion tokens.

The hotel and private island resort will contribute to grow and sustain the Token as per the project team. There are reinvestment strategies discussed in the Whitepaper as well.

A percentage of the company’s future profit will be reinvested to grow the Token’s market capitalization, and the staff will also be given a fixed amount of balance to hold during their years of working as a remuneration and retention package that will allow staff to take 50% of wallet profits after three years of working with Brise Paradise.

Holder and Buyer Perks Available for the People – A Real Utility to PRDS

Holders and buyers of the PRDS tokens will get special benefits in terms of free stays at the hotel. For holders, a Gold holder is recognized as someone holding 80,000 and above PRDS tokens in the wallet. These holders will get 3 days of free stay at the hotel, but it comes with a prior booking of at least 5 days. 

Similarly, the Platinum holders are the ones holding more than 200,000 tokens, and they will get 4 days of stay free of charge but with a 5-day prior booking confirmed. Diamond holders must hold more than 500,000 tokens in the wallet without selling them to get 7 days of stay at the hotel free of cost. To avail of any of the perks above, the users need to hold the wallet tokens for up to 8 months, minimum. 

Among the buyer perks, Gold rank buyers are the ones purchasing $500 to $1000 equivalent in PRDS tokens and earn 2 days free stay at the hotel, but here as well, they must have a prior booking for 5 days. 

Platinum buyers must purchase tokens worth $1000 to $2000 15 days before their arrival to get 3 days of free stay but with a prior booking of at least 5 days. Lastly, the Diamond category token buyers will get 4 days of free stay with a prior booking of a minimum of 5 days. The buyers must purchase at least $2500 or more worth of PRDS tokens 15 days prior to check-in.

About Brise Paradise

Brise Paradise is a hotel built on the FaresMaathoda island with a foundation based on the PRDS community. And aimed to grow into a private island resort in Maldives. The purpose is to deliver an extraordinary hotel experience to the crypto enthusiasts and a place for them to get together and discuss ideas, projects, and collaborations while holding events and meetings. The project’s construction, marketing, and operational expenses will be taken care of with the presales, partnerships, and liquidity shares. Once the Brise Paradise hotel is up and running, the same project team has plans to build a Brise Paradise Private Island Resort for the benefit of the community.

Media Contact

Name – Mr Haisham (Founder)

Email – [email protected]

Website –