Cardano’s Partner—EMURGO Launches Cardano Blockchain Explorer Seiza at IOHK Summit

Cardano’s Partner—EMURGO Launches Cardano Blockchain Explorer Seiza at IOHK Summit


EMURGO ( which is the official commercial arm of Cardano, the first third-generation blockchain to be developed using a research-first driven method has made it known in a recent announcement that it will soon be launching a blockchain explorer which was designed using EMURGO. This new service promises to have more attributes compared to other blockchain explorers and is set to be launched before the end of May. Due to EMURGO’s Japanese origin and it aims to be an all-around navigation guide to users, the name “Seiza” was extracted from the Japanese word for “constellation”.

Inline With Plans for Increased Adoption

This strategic development is in accordance with EMURGO’s initiative to increase the rate of Cardano’s adoption and increase the value of ADA.

The Chief Executive Officer of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson said that:

“I am excited to see that EMURGO has developed such a useful and innovative product for the Cardano community. The ability to have transparency is a vital function for the Cardano blockchain protocol and Seiza delivers this in an amazing way for users,”

Blockchain or block explorers are similar to virtual currency search engines which are used to find information about a specific blockchain which includes past and pending transactions, transaction histories of wallet addresses, and blocks, among others. With Seiza, ADA holders will be able to instantaneously trace any if their transactions on the Cardano blockchain which reportedly just validated over 2.4 million blocks.

Staking Pools and Cardano (ADA)

Cardano employs a resource-friendly proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism with which ADA holder can take part in stake pools. The use of PoS in a public blockchain is very important in securing the network to verify transactions thereby ensuring that users who go further to stake more ADA will have greater chances of being selected to develop blocks and ultimately get rewarded. Stake pools are operated by several users who are given the promise of being online at all time and enable its users to drop their stakes to a pool. Seiza is expected to allow ADA holders to have access to real-time data of these stake pools.