Top Five Cryptocurrency News of the Week April 13-20, 2019

Top Five Cryptocurrency News of the Week April 13-20, 2019

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Many events took place this week April 13-20, 2019, however, only five of these events will be mentioned below.

Monero is 5

Monero, one of the most recognised virtual currencies focused on privacy protection which started operations in April 2014 clocked five years this week. The digital currency is crowdfunded and it has the decentralised and foundation structure which was developed by volunteers.

Volkswagen Group To Employ Blockchain Technology

German automaker, Volkswagen Group has recently revealed its intention to start the using blockchain tech to monitor its mineral supply chains. This new development is in order to responsibly source nutrients like cobalt which is applied in lithium-ion batteries used by electric cars and in order to practice the new idea, the company has joined an open industry collaboration which includes members such as Ford.

PayPal Receives Patent for a Technique That Detects And Destroy Crypto Malware

Based on a recent report, PayPal which is a major online payments giant has been awarded a patent to a technique which identifies a specific type of crypto malware and moved on to destroy it or reduces its effects. The patent was first filed in September 2016 but it was granted this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Rakuten Now Accept Account Registrations For Rakuten Exchange Wallet

Recently, it has been revealed that Japan’s equivalent to Amazon, e-commerce giant Rakuten is now accepting registrations of account for its new virtual currency exchange called Rakuten Wallet. According to the bank’s website, only customers who have an account at Rakuten Bank or those who have Rakuten member ID in their name can register. It is however not yet stated when it will accept applications from the general public.

Gemini Now Support SegWit

According to a recent report, Gemini now supports Segregated Witness bitcoin address. Gemini is the largest bitcoin exchange globally, therefore, its adoption of SegWit ultimately increasing the bitcoin code change’s chances of being adopted by other virtual currency exchange. Gemini currently supports a newer version of bitcoin address called “native SegWit addresses,” which helps to further gauge the digital currency but which has not been widely adopted.