To Start Accepting BCH As Payment For Memberships To Start Accepting BCH As Payment For Memberships


According to a recent report, has now taken up BCH as a form of payment for its diamond, gold, and platinum memberships after an extended discussion with one of the supporters of the virtual currency. This news comes after the well-known website dropped BTC as a payment option.

A Win for the and Crypto Community

It was a thing of joy for supporters of BCH when the news broke this week that one of the arbitrators of Beijing Bitcoins was able to persuade the founder of to start accepting Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment for it services. URL is a website which offers the services of chess game to its subscribers and it attracts millions of subscribers on a monthly basis as the game is an extremely well-known game.

As at when the publication was released, rating statistics ranked at 577. The website does not only allow it’s millions of subscribers to play chess together online, but it also has a forum, strategies, videos, news articles, and other chess-related resources. The founder of the website is a supporter of virtual currencies as it used to accept bitcoin as a form of payment for its memberships but like other firms, it deactivated the bitcoin option of payment over the last couple of years.

A Need for KYC?

However, after an extended argument over the website’s acceptance of Bitcoin Cash with one of the mediators of the cryptocurrency, the owner has now made the decision to start accepting Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and BTC as a form of payment via Bitpay.

The next day after the new development was posted on the Reddit website, the Chief Executive Officer of, Erik Allebest received about 100 emails in his inbox from Reddit informing him of the need for his company to the tender KYC verification before it’s acceptance of the company’s membership payments. Allebest revealed that he has created the payment links and hopes to start making use of the service by next week.