The VIP Coin Dividence Platform Ensures that You Earn Money as long as You Hold

The VIP Coin Dividence Platform Ensures that You Earn Money as long as You Hold

VIP core crypto project

There are over 2000 coins currently present in the market. Each of these coins are serving a different function in the market. This function and purpose of development are what makes them unique and worth investing in. Although out of these 2000+ coins, currently floating around the market, it has been estimated that more than 50 percent of them are just copies of the top ones in the market. This fact brought about what is known as suit coins. These are practically coins with no real purpose and are only developed for the purpose of fleecing investors off their money.

With the increase in the number of coins in the market, the market has become very saturated and this saturation and available of useless coins has been blamed for the currently downward spiraling the market has been in, for more than a year now.

The availability of many coins in the market has also made it difficult for mainstream adoption to take place. With so many confusing options to select from, the idea of cryptocurrency has become really complicated for the new potential user.

There is no better time for the introduction of a coin which combines the best features of different coins currently available in the market. This why the development of the VIP coin has been met with so much joy by the community at large.

The VIP coin

The VIP coin is a newly developed global 3rd generation crypto which is a result of the combination of the best features of several coins. The purpose of this combination is to develop an excellent new digital payment asset.

The VIP network is a fresh idea in the crypto space and this has really attracted investors to the project. The network has also identified itself as a dividends platform for platform’s coin holders. This simply means the holder of the coins is rewarded with based on the current market price of the coin.

According to the VIP coin development team, the network’s system and logic have been calibrated to motivate the price and value of the VIP token to remain stable in the global crypto market. The higher the VIP price, the greater the reward will be.

Just like with any great project, there is always a hidden meaning behind the name. The VIP, in this case, is an acronym of the sentence “Value Is Precious”. Going by this, it has become clear the project’s name is not a move by the team to mislead. The name is deliberately chosen by the team. According to the meaning given to the project, “VIP” Value is associated with something precious as it plays a significant role in determining the ups and downs of a cryptocurrency. When there is no value, everything will be put to an end.

To ensure the longevity and relevancy of VIP, a handful of strategic plans are carefully planned by the project’s dedicated team.

Dividends Platform

The VIP Dividends platform is centred around rewarding holder of the VIP coins. The more coins you hold and the longer you hold these coins the more More you would be rewarded with by the platform. To partake in the rewarding program, a minimum of 50 VIPs is required. To join Shared masternode one must have at least 200 VIPs. Depositors will get bonuses from Staking Rewards. For those who own more than 200 VIP coins, there will be special rewards for Hodling them on the platform.

This platform will use the logic system to identify suitable current prices. The price on the first day of each month will be programmed as a guideline. If the price in the second-month increases, the dividend will be distributed, but if it decreases, there is no dividend distributed for that month. That is how every round of the VIP platform will continue to run. It is through this dividends platform the VIP teams plan to keep the network running for the long run.

Recent time has proven that just buying the assumed bottom of crypto is no longer the best earning strategy. This is why the innovative approach to crypto investing such as the one been offered by the VIP dividends program is now considered the next best thing when it comes to crypto investing. Remember the longer you keep the coin, the more money you make so the time to invest is surely now.