China’s Longest-running Tech Publication to Accept Bitcoins

China’s Longest-running Tech Publication to Accept Bitcoins

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A report showing that “Technology Life”, China’s longest-running tech publication now allows payment for its publications using crypto currency – BTC. This payment method will take effect once payment for the 2019 edition of the publication commences.

How Much Will it Cost

Going by the report, the subscribers of this media publication can now make payment for their next year (2019) subscription with bitcoin. This will cost 0.01 BTC. Converting this to the current local exchange rate, this is about 450 yuan. The publication will create a bitcoin address to this effect. Once the subscribers make payment to this address, they will be given access to the publication. This is expected to work just like the traditional payment the readers normally make use of.

How Significant is Technology Life

Technology Life is a popular science public with a high level of respect in the Chinese media industry. The publication also has a large number of subscribers, so this news is a positive one for the Crypto industry, especially across Asia.

The publication is now more than 150 years old. The Technology life recently became available for the western audience, notably the USA. The publication launched in the USA, in 2015. The company in charge of the publication is also making plans to release a Chinese-English version of the publication come 2019.

To cater to the fluctuation in price that comes with using bitcoin as a means of payment. Technology Life made it clear that it will be making a refund of any difference in price resulting from this price fluctuation. This is definitely a means of encouraging the use of bitcoin as a means of payment by the publication.

It is no news that the Chinese government’s regulations when it comes to Cryptocurrency are quite strict. How the major publication plans to circumvent the various restriction put in place by the government is still not yet clear.