Coinspectator – Have A Look

Coinspectator – Have A Look

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Whether you are fresh or stale in the Cryptocurrency scene, one thing everyone knows about the Crypto market is that it is a very volatile market. Meaning that in five minutes, one can go from being able to pay five-month house rent to not being able to afford your phone bills. As a result of this volatility, it becomes quite important to stay on top of things and be well informed on the current situations of price and the overall trend direction. This simply means you need to find a source where you can get access to all information needed to stay ahead of the general populace.

The best way to do this with the least amount of stress is to get yourself a news aggregator. There are several options when it comes to selecting the perfect news aggregator, however, some of these aggregators are point blank RSS feed while some provide state of the art real-time crypto news aggregation.

In all our testing so far, one news aggregator which stood out in terms of functions and features is Coinspectator.


Coinspectator is one of the free cryptocurrency news aggregator out there which is worth checking out. Apart from making it possible for all interested in keeping track of the latest events and news in the market, in order for swift actions to be taken, the news aggregator provides users with investment tips as well as inform users of promising ICO launches and many other things.
With the ability to curate news from hundreds of sources, such as social media, news websites, tips, price analysis, predictions from top financial institutions, rumors as well as government speeches, users of this platform will never run out of updates on their favorite crypto projects.

Features of Coinspectator

Customized platform

One unique feature Coinspectator has is the fact that users can customize the platform to only showcase news from selected sources or based on preferred projects. This function can be found just below the search box on the home page.
There you get to filter news out, to fit perfectly with your current needs and weed out unnecessary news or ones that don’t interest you. With the filter option, you get to select if you want your news from any of the following sources: Reddit, Twitter, News site and blogs, exchanges, Videos, and Press Releases.

ICO section

Another unique feature of Coinspectator is its comprehensive ICO section. From the ICO sections, you get the latest updates on promising ICO’s, as well as scams. Here you also have access to ICO supporting tools like website, Social media, Emails address, key influencers, whitepapers etc. This tools will help you towards ascertaining some facts about any ICO which catches your attention.

Easy to navigate interface

Another thing we can’t fail to mention is the user-friendly interface you will be presented with on the Coinspectator website. On this interface, all important features are easily identified and navigation from one feature to another is relatively easy. The lower part of the interface features the real-time price of about 16 cryptocurrencies. This makes it easy to track the prices of the most popular coins, without leaving the app.

Other News Sources

Comparing Coinspectator to other news aggregators like Cryptopanic, Cryptocontrol, Cryptoflash, Coinna etc, many features sets Coinspectator apart from the rest. Few of them: a comprehensive ICO section, 100s of news sources, investment tips as well as a regularly updated blog.

However, it should be noted that some crypto news aggregators like Cryptopanic offer portfolio functions, which makes it possible to track your trading account across several exchanges. This is one feature Coinspectator lacks but makes up for with its incredible ICO section.

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