Interview with Traid Platform Co-Founder Mr. G

Interview with Traid Platform Co-Founder Mr. G

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Sponsored is revolutionizing crypto trading education by bringing the world’s top traders as your live mentors. Their native cryptocurrency is TRAID coin, a hybrid PoW/PoS/Masternode coin that will serve as a payment gateway on the upcoming platform. We had an exclusive interview with one of the founders to learn more about this exciting project.

Can you describe Traid Platform in 2 sentences or less that would make people excited about the project?

Traid Platform is a crypto educational initiative which aims to bring everyone to crypto trading and investing. Once fully launched, will be is a robust platform where students of all skill levels can learn from the best, participate in group or 1 on 1 coaching sessions, subscribe to trading signals and more.

When will the platform be available to the public?

Our alpha will be launched by the end of the year. It will comprise a minimal set of features for our community to test. Among other features, users will have the opportunity to test our streaming service. Streaming will be the backbone of the upcoming Traid Platform, so we’re putting all our efforts on launching an optimized, lightning-fast streaming functionality which is currently being developed using the latest, cutting-edge technologies.

How will the platform be beneficial to both students and instructors?

Verified instructors will be enrolled into a subscription, advertising, and donations program and will have the ability to run ads on their stream. 90% of the total revenue generated will go to content creators (unlike centralized platforms where content creators receive a tiny portion of the revenue).

On the other hand, students will get the benefit of having all reputable crypto traders under one roof with the ability to be mentored by any one of them.

Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Can you talk about some of the big milestones coming up?

We’re wrapping up our streaming protocol and basic user functionalities. Our design team is also working on a revamped version of the platform. Plus, more exchanges are coming soon. Some very exciting announcements are coming in the next few months…so stay tuned.

How did you come up with the idea for the Traid Platform and why you think it’s a winner?

We as traders witnessed too many people getting scammed by shillers, pump&dump groups and unethical crypto influencers hyping their bags and dumping them on newbies. It’s very difficult to know who you can trust. We were very frustrated with the fact that it became nearly impossible to learn crypto trading and investing in a logical way from reputable figures. Legit knowledge was out there (and still is), but it’s scattered all around the web…and presented in a very incoherent way. In other words, it’s hard to know who’s for real and who’s not.

With so many crypto entrants getting scammed, blockchain industry as a whole is getting a bad rep. People are scared to invest because it’s very easy to lose money without proper education and guidance. That’s how the idea about Traid Platform was born – out of the need for honest and reliable crypto education presented by an experienced community. Coupled with our experience building streaming protocol and services, the idea came naturally to us.

Once we fully launch, everyone will have the privilege to learn from the best in the business. It doesn’t get any better than this. That’s pretty much what everybody wants now – a one-stop shop for crypto trading/investing education (group coaching, 1 on 1 coaching, premium signals, copy trading etc.)

How are you better than your competitors?

We have no direct competitors. Being the first will give us a huge advantage and more than enough time to position ourselves as the leading provider of crypto trading/investing education.

What will be the use cases of TRAID coin on the platform?

As I mentioned earlier, TRAID coin will be essential to the function of the platform. It will be used for access to all premium features (coaching, premium signals, copy trading etc.) In other words, it will have actual use-cases beyond just coins being traded on exchanges.

Why would anyone want to pay with crypto when there are cash and cards?

Traid Platform is built by traders FOR traders. It goes without saying that most of our users will be crypto holders who will embrace the fact that crypto is the main payment method. It’s faster and more secure. For users who’d rather use cash, we plan to integrate a fiat gateway down the road. It’s all in our roadmap.

How do you envision Traid Platform in 2 years?

We’ll open the doors to legit crypto education for the masses and easy entry into the cryptocurrency industry. In a 2 years time, we expect our platform to have worldwide reached as demand for our services and crypto overall increases.

Are there any partnerships coming up?

Absolutely. We’re working aggressively to bring onboard the most recognized figures in the crypto industry. Partnerships will be announced gradually over the coming months as we approach our official launch.

How big is the audience you’re targeting?

It’s huge. Pretty much anyone who’s already in crypto or looking to start investing/trading is our target audience. The number is growing every day as more people enter this wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.

Why should users invest in TRAID?

The size of the crypto market coupled with the huge influx of new users looking to start investing and trading will create a huge demand for our service, thereby giving TRAID coin holders a massive return on their investment. Plus, given the fact that TRAID coin will be the main payment method on the platform, this use-case alone will positively impact the coin’s value over time as our platform gets bigger and more widespread.

How can users invest in TRAID?

TRAID is currently listed on Crypto bridge. Anyone looking to invest in TRAID can do it HERE.

How can users find out more about your project?

We’re very active on social media. Users can learn more about our project on any of the below social media channels: