A Coffee Company Set to Start Accepting Payment in Cryptos

A Coffee Company Set to Start Accepting Payment in Cryptos

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In the spirit of bringing blockchain technology to a mainstream audience, a popular coffee company, Rosetta Coffee, has announced that it will be adopting cryptocurrency into its payment system soon. This way, its customers can easily make their purchases through cryptocurrency. The move by the coffee company has been described as a step forward for the entire crypto industry.

Rosetta Coffee

Rosetta Coffee is a specialty coffee company based in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Outer Banks, North Carolina. The company made it known that once the integration is completed, the client-facing side of the business, transactions will go through Shopping Cart Elite’s e-commerce platform. Through this, its clients will be able to pay for their various purchases using any of the seven available crypto payment options. These seven cryptos according to the company are BCH, BTC, BCD, DASH, ETH, LTC and XZC.

The company has also made it known that its coffee farmers will also benefit directly from the integration of the crypto payment system. This is as a result for its commitment to purchasing fair-trade coffee.

Co-founder of Rosetta Coffee, Aaron Skeen has also commented regarding this. He stated that:
“Cryptocurrency allows them to receive payment directly and immediately without paying a middleman. They will be able to take home more of what they earn,”

“We think this is awesome and it aligns directly with our mission. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working with farmers to iron out this process and make it more accessible.”

Global Expansion

The company has also made it known that this payment integration is going to help its global expansion plans greatly. This was made known through a statement from Aaron Skeen.

He told that:
“We’ve always been restricted from selling to international customers due to poor merchant protection from Visa and Mastercard, ”

He further stated that:
“We are excited that cryptocurrency allows us to start offering our coffee to new international customers, knowing that the purchase is guaranteed no matter which country they are located in.”