How To Beat Bitcoin Qualities: x42 Protocol

How To Beat Bitcoin Qualities: x42 Protocol

x42 Protocol

Since the creation of Bitcoin 10 years ago, several other blockchains has been created to match and supercede the functions of Bitcoin.

The reason behind this is that people are now more interested in a blockchain project that gives absolute control over the creation, distribution and decentralized hosting of applications in the form of smart contracts. The essence of creating new blockchains is to control cost, get to make improvements on customer services, for faster transactions, new innovations, beat competitors, provide better protection against attack, improve efficiency and speed, and many other advantages the developers have in mind. This is all that the x42 Protocol stands to offer its users.

What exactly is x42?

The x42 is a new blockchain platform, protocol, and proof of stake cryptocurrency offering every tool needed for the development of smart contracts and side blockchains.

x42 is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed for the purpose of providing a multi-chain solution for DApps (decentralized applications). The blockchain is based on the Stratis technology. With x42 it becomes possible for a regular user to launch Dapps that will otherwise require them to pay a lot of money to have hosted on large publishers.

On the x42 blockchain, no transaction fees would be paid once a project is launched, and it supports the signing of private contracts and transactions, as well as their execution and maintenance.

With the x42, users can create a project, test it, and debug the product all at once on a single platform, as the project can be published and go through the process of decentralized hosting.

When it comes scalability x42 has taken all necessary steps towards ensuring that maximum scalability is achieved.
Developers on the network get near infinite scalability on the x42 protocol which works around the main blockchain which hosts three different types of nodes, and the x42 crypto coin.

The x42 allows a side blockchain created for every project created and allows the team of developers test run it before they go live. There is a maximum of 42 million tokens that can be mined from the main blockchain of the x42 protocol by 2030.

Key Features Of The x42

The x42 comes with some unique and amazing features, of which some of its features can’t be found other protocols and platforms of its kind. Below are some of its unique features.

The x42 protocol can be used to publish any blockchain projects a creative mind desires. It is cost-effective, fast and secure. It can be used to launch games and other types of applications for a small fee of one x42 coin or even less.

The x42 protocol is one that offers infinitely scalable side blockchains. Users of the x42 protocol will be able to create unique side blockchains scalable to the extent the developer requires or desires, as he or she can also get to host the side blockchains by any masternode owners, or all masternode owners.

It also has the zero fee feature which simply provides users with access to the platform free of charge once the fee for launching their project is paid. Its main blockchain is hundred percent free, without any form of a transaction fee.

New transactions are allowed and signed through validation from all its block rewards, as this will use the proof of stake as a block validation method.

Once a user has an acquired a minimum of 1000 units of x42, the user can then host a masternode.

The x42 protocol offers fast transactions per second. x42 is not affected by the common bottleneck of TPS, and as at August 2018, there are over ten times the amount of transactions Bitcoin is capable of supporting, already supported on the main x42 blockchain.
x42 offers its users control over publishing, as owners of masternode have the option of choosing to host projects which are launched on non-private side blockchains available. An organization or a developer will have to grant you access in order to host a private side blockchain.

x42 offers a nice reputation system to all users, as the platform offers its users the option of voting on projects being hosted by smart contracts. Store users will be granted access to download, run and host different types of applications and smart contracts by browsing, which the network posted. Applications can also be recommended by users, and comments can be made using the same system.

Other features on the x42 include its smart contracts that make use of C# for easy development, testing and debugging, as well as its Breeze Wallet protocol for private and untraceable transactions.

Architecture And Development On x42

When it comes to publishing, x42 provides a platform that offers complete freedom. It also offers a creative environment for DApps to be posted and hosted easily on the blockchain other node owners. This simply permits the decentralized processing of the different kinds of applications published to x42 side blockchains. The x42 protocol uses C# with its layered architecture, as well as Microsoft .NET and the NBitcoin library. The three main levels of the x42 architecture are the Stratis Bitcoin full node, the LibConsensus and the NBitcoin.

Block validation

There is a reward of 20 coins for every block on the x42 blockchain until it gets to block number 550.000. After block 550,000, the block reward becomes 5 coins until 42.000.000 x42 is reached, which is the Maximum supply. Coins can be staked by owners of x42 master nodes to generate new ones. The new coins generated are related to the amount of the current stake being placed until the total supply is created.

Nodes On The x42

The x42 protocol supports three nodes, two of which permits its users to stake their coins. The three nodes are the client node; running a wallet connected to the x42 main blockchain, the full node; running a software wallet, connected to the x42 main blockchain, and has the entire blockchain saved and the masternode; a wallet client with at least 1000 x42 coins on the main blockchain.

New Level of Privacy

The x42 integrates the TumbleBit into their Breeze Wallet from the Stratis technology. Transactions on this platform can be done completely private without the reliance of a central node or tumbler.


The x42 is a welcome development, as it solves lots of issues other protocols are facing. It provides a cost-effective platform for developers to operate on at a fast rate, making room for faster transactions. It also provides privacy and a very secure wallet, which has been a major challenge of most cryptocurrency protocols.