CorionX | Grooming and Nurturing Upcoming Stablecoin Organizations to Grow, Develop, and Scale

CorionX | Grooming and Nurturing Upcoming Stablecoin Organizations to Grow, Develop, and Scale


CorionX aims at enhancing the operational capacity and strengthening the work abilities of stable coins and central bank digital currencies. The first step of CorionX was taken in the year 2016 with an aim to help and develop stablecoins making them a reliable source of value and medium of exchange.

Because the stable coins are connected to a stable asset, they are considered to be more secure and less volatile. Furthermore, the transactions facilitated by stablecoins are unfalsifiable, they cost less, and more importantly, they can be integrated with any wallet as they have a predisposition to better security at the backend.

Also, CorionX is building an infrastructure that will become a robust and hyper-productive framework for both storing and using the stablecoin. In the recent past, CorionX has ventured into its 3rd round of IEO and has also patched up with Syscoin to propagate the adoption and development of an open Finance System.

Multiple Benefits Accruing Out Of CorionX

Since CorionX promotes a stablecoin it is easier to use and has a simple function. Its support to the global movement of Stablecoins is necessitated by giving rewards to the contributors of Stablecoin movement.

Furthermore, the CorionX also recognizes the efforts put in by the existing users to bring more members on board. Instead of the referral program, it has a bounties program. Lastly, it is also possible to use the CorionX as collateral for other stablecoins as it helps the organization promote the global stablecoin movement.

A Partnership for a Better Future | CorionX and Syscoin

CorionX and Syscoin have joined hands to incentivize, develop, and bridge the gap among other blockchain channels. This bridging the gap solution will proffer lower rates of the transaction and help the founders and developers to further enhance the working capacity of the coins.

For instance, if the blockchains are working with the models created due to this partnership, they can trade the ERC20 tokens across the chain through the bridge at a reduced fee. This will not only help other stablecoin users to use this technology more but also open up several more avenues for development.

To promote effective transactions, users can leverage the Z-DAG protocol and securitization frameworks of Syscoin. Furthermore, besides security, CorionX is looking to further expand the education network and create a more informed and cheaper framework.

Among the vast array of benefits facilitated by this partnership, one of the strongest aspects is the ease of entry of the new individuals. Projects like Decentralized Finance and Open Finance will find it easier to onboard new members while ensuring higher growth prospects.

Third Successful IEO on Probit

Initial Exchange Offering gives CorionX access to a well-targeted set of customers. This time, CorionX has gone to Probit, which means that only the Probit members will be able to coin (CORX) from the platform.

More importantly, the IEO tokens and funds generated from the exchange facilitation will be used towards the promotion of stable coins globally. All the funds will be redirected towards enhancing the outreach and adoption of #MoneyInTheRightDirection. Among the functions getting pillar support include taking, cashback (for promotion), Savings, Benefits, and Integrations.

In the 3rd round, the price of 1 CORX was 0.015 USDT and the total token supply offered in the exercise was 61.5 million. As an exchange bonus, the users exchanging CORX with PROB will get a 7% bonus. While the ones exchanging with USDT, BTC, and ETH will get a 5% bonus.

All of these benefits are only provided to ensure that the users can get access to a safe, free, and future-ready OpenFinance system. CorionX with its unique approaches helps several projects working on the stablecoin model to develop, grow, scale, and get access to the target audience.

The Corion Foundation is all set to help such projects come into the limelight and get access to the mainstream market.

To Sum it Up

Looking at the entire work sphere of CorionX, the crypto coin cum facilitation platform helps in working with a dual structure. On one hand, it is educating the customers and on the other, it is providing a platform to the existing platforms to gain access to the market.

Going forward, CoroinX is also supporting Fuse and helping them implement a working product. The public release will happen on MESA and the users can exchange 1 CORX to get 0.06 USDC.