Crowdsale Is Live Now: Tycoon Unveils Token Online Shop

Crowdsale Is Live Now: Tycoon Unveils Token Online Shop


The fruits of patient labor are always sweet. For Tycoon, today marks an exciting day as it is a result of months of perseverance and dedicated work. Tycoon is extremely thrilled to announce that their long-awaited Crowdsale is live now! Their next step will be to present an already working product, the Tycoon platform, which they have developed in the last two years.

The innovative startup proudly unveils its Token Online Shop following a huge demand of the Tycoon Token (TYC). The shop is a user-friendly platform with an engaging interface that makes navigating much easier and the entire buying process much more convenient than ever!

In order to acknowledge the support of their community, Tycoon offers an exclusive bonus of 10% TYC for purchases made during the Crowdsale. For example, if an investor buys 10,000 TYC, they can get an additional 1,000 TYC bonus on their purchase. With this deal, they pay for 10,000 TYC and receive 11,000 TYC instead. 

Get a Head Start: Be a Part of Tycoon Crowdsale

The Tycoon Token completed a successful private sale and now it will be offered to the community through a Crowdsale. This is the general public’s opportunity to obtain TYC and get additional benefits while using the platform. Their Token is central to all transactions and activities on the Tycoon platform. It not only plays an important role in getting discounts during transactions on the platform, like 25% discount on transaction fees – but also secures Token holders an early access privilege on the platform before anyone else!

The maximum supply of the TYC is 140 million and can only be bought in our Token Online Shop.

Tycoon is a platform crafted by professionals that instantly gives you a trading acceleration. Our platform uses advanced APIs to connect traders to reputed digital assets trading platforms like Binance. The process is simple and seamless: Users can follow professional traders and copy their trades fully automatically in order to benefit from their expertise and earn handsome profits. The professional traders being followed receive commissions and an enhancement in reputation. This helps them attract more traders, making copy trading the perfect way for novice traders to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading.

A Safe and Secure Platform

The Tycoon platform has been designed using state-of-the-art security architecture to protect user data as well as their transactions. The users’ digital assets will never be stored on the platform. This makes it an extremely safe and secure platform for all kinds of traders. Tycoon uses the Coinbase payment gateway that gives users 100% safe payments with several popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Referral Program: Invite friends and receive 15% Bonus

Tycoon also introduces a Referral program through which users and their referrals can earn an additional 15% Tokens on each purchase of TYC. There is no limit to referrals and users can earn more when they refer more people to the Tycoon platform and Crowdsale. The referral history from the Crowdsale will be imported to the platform later and enables users to receive a share of every fee paid by their referrals.

Rank Achievements

Apart from the 15% referral bonus, if users’ own purchasing volume and the volume of their referrals reaches $5,000, they will earn an additional $500 worth of Tycoon tokens as a bonus. This bonus is also unlimited, so for every $5,000 volume reached, the user will receive $500 worth of Tycoon Tokens.

Parting Words

Created by a team of experts in the field of crypto trading and blockchain, Tycoon is the best trading solution for new traders today. The platform is perfectly equipped to help thousands of new traders to navigate through the beginning of their crypto trading journeys. It can also unlock exclusive benefits and services for Tycoon Token holders. Tycoon welcomes traders and crypto enthusiasts to make use of discounts and offers and start their trading experience on the world’s most secure and user-friendly platform in social trading.

Get ready to start your trading journey on the Tycoon platform.

Join the Crowdsale on and experience a whole new way to earn handsome profits from digital assets.

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