Crypto Hacking Gang Busted in Turkey

Crypto Hacking Gang Busted in Turkey

Crypto hacking

Report coming from Turkey made it know that the Istanbul authorities have recently arrested a gang of crypto hijackers. The hackers were arrested in their apartment and they are now been charged with committing cyber crimes and fraud.

Ten Crypto Hackers Arrested

It was reported that the eleven-member digital wallet hackers make use of a popular hacking method — sim swapping to infiltrate their victim’s wallet. The report made it known that the hackers obtain their victim’s mobile sim card through deception. Of the eleven members, ten has been arrested so far, while one is still at large. The hacker has so far been granted bail and but are still under monitoring.

The Istanbul police force has reported that at least fourteen victims have filed a report relating to having their virtual currency wallets hacked.

Sim Swapping

According to a report, the arrested hacker was said to be making use of a popular hacking method known as Sim swapping. The report stated that:
“The hackers, using fake IDs, told telephone operators that the victims’ mobile phones were stolen. They further requested another sim card and canceled the sim cards of the real owners. Once the new sim card arrives, the hackers then request for a password change and have the confirmation information sent to them.”

Sim Swapping is a very old method of hacking, but due to it been used consistently by cryptocurrency hackers recently, the method has gained a new form of popularity.

The report also made it know that the hackers were arrested with about eighteen cell phones, fake identity cards, two fake driver’s licenses, among others.

The hackers are said to have spread their loots across different wallet addresses. This is in a bid to make cover their tracks. It has been reported that this particular hacker gang has stolen about $80,000 from their victims.