MetaMask Wallet has Reached a Total Download of 1.3 Million

MetaMask Wallet has Reached a Total Download of 1.3 Million

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MetaMask a popular ETH wallet has announced that its extensions and app has reached a total download number of 1.3 million. A report from MetaMask has made it known that this is a milestone worth celebrating for the entire crypto community, especially by fans of the Ethereum network.

MetaMask the most popular Ethereum wallet

MetaMask was originally a browser extension wallet type only. The wallet works just like a normal browser extension when installed into users desired browser. The wallet has however launched a mobile client recently and has plans to activate some new features in weeks to come. Going by this news, MetaMask is now officially the most used Ethereum wallet on the market right now. Since Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, and with the new mobile wallet, the userbase of the wallet is expected to increase significantly.

Right from its inception, MetaMask has received support from the crypto community especially fans of Ethereum. This is basically because the wallet is quite easy to navigate and it is said to provide one of the highest levels of security found in a wallet. The extension acts as the link between the underlying Ethereum blockchain and the browser. Users can run dApps right on the browser without having to access the full blockchain network beneath it.

MetatMask has New Features

It was recently announced that the wallet will be doing an upgrade which will see some new features being activated. The most important of these new features is the wallets compatibility with the two most popular hardware wallets—Trezor and Ledger. It is no news that the safest way to keep a crypto asset secure is to store the access keys in a hardware wallet. With the integration of MetaMask with these two hardware wallets, maximum security is guaranteed.

The “Privacy Mode” is another security measure that will be introduced in the latest version of the wallet. This feature allows for the wallet users to browse the internet without their account details getting exposed. This mode is however still not yet fully operational.