DAPS | Collaborating with Rapids to Provide Ease of Transaction and Accessibility

DAPS | Collaborating with Rapids to Provide Ease of Transaction and Accessibility


Decentralized Anonymous Payment System, DAPS is privacy enabling blockchain system to make payments and stake. It is said that privacy should not be considered as a privilege, but it is the right of every individual. Hence, DAPS is taking forward this mission with a zeal to provide its community with a smart and enabling solution.

Ever since its launch, DAPS has been including crucial links to develop a trustless governance system, inspired by the right to privacy.

As a community-oriented platform, DAPS has been continuously expanding its working potential to enhance the levels of user accessibility. Their motive is to give the users better and time-agnostic options to store their coins and conduct anonymous transactions.

DAPSCoin has now integrated with Rapids. So, the users can now send DAPS coins with Linkshare instantly, which will drive a better community response towards the platform.

Collaboration with Rapids

Rapids is a full-fledged payment system and also provides hosting services to existing listed cryptocurrencies for master nodes. The partnership of DAPS and Rapids will allow both these platforms to build a symbiotic relationship wherein the community of both platforms will stand to gain.

With the Rapids mobile wallet application, DAPS users will use a more personalized and private way to store and transact their DAPS coins. Furthermore, DAPS users can also buy DAPS via the Rapids mobile application.

Rapids is an intelligent system and has built several functions within the application to enhance the user experience. So, with this collaboration, DAPS has already bagged a free listing on InstaSwap and the users of DAPS can send crypto via URL links.

This is all possible, again, because of Rapids’ innovative development, LinkShare Technology that allows the users to send, receive, or share DAPS with any other user via a single link.

Continuous Listings on New Exchanges

Listings and inclusions of a cryptocurrency on exchanges are important to gain attention and build customers. DAPS was initially listed on InstaSwap, but its partnership with Rapids will make it eligible to onboarded on other exchanges providing higher visibility and exposure to a wider market.

DAPS is ready to continue this momentum and the same is evident from their future roadmap. The developers of DAPS have already made plans to list the DAPS Coin on other exchanges.

Until now, DAPS can be found on HitBTC, HotBit, STEX, Stake Cube, Txbit.io, Bitmart, Altilly, and Probit.

Working with Intuitive Web and Hardware Wallets

DAPS has recently released a smart and intelligent web crypto wallet, claiming to be one of the best-looking web wallets in this niche. Upon initial testing, the web wallet runs smoothly with no lag.

Providing the entire network with total privacy is the core motive of DAPS, and the same is reflected within the web wallet. Besides the web wallet, the DAPS privacy coin can also be transacted with the SecuX wallet, which is a hardware device to store and transact cryptocurrencies.

With DAPS integrated into the SecuX Wallet, the DAPS community can have a novel experience of working with a hardware wallet. Besides the DAPS coin, the SecuX hardware wallet can also transact Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Digitbyte, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, and others.

Among the web wallets, the DAPS desktop full nodes are encrypted with a password and further securitized with optional 2FA and a mnemonic phrase that also requires a password to reveal.

The DAPS way to Ensure Privacy and Security

DAPS leverages multiple systems to enhance platform security and ensure the highest levels of privacy on the platform. To deliver such an experience, RingCT or Ring Confidential Transaction system is used. Here, the actual transaction is combined with several decoy / fake transactions to make it next to impossible to identify the actual amount.

In addition to this, DAPS also creates stealth addresses of all the transactions happening on the platform which is different from public addresses.

In a Nutshell

Working with DAPS and its highly secure platform is easy and intuitive. The users can transact without having to worry about getting hacked or any of the transactions being read by another user. This kind of system by DAPS is both imperative and beneficial to any privacy advocate/cryptocurrency user.