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WELD Money

WELD Money | Building a New Era of Opportunities By Bridging Crypto and Fiat Worlds

KYIV, UKRAINE / October 12, 2021 / After getting an appreciative response in two conferences, Money of the Future in Ukraine and Money20/20 Europe in the Netherlands, Weld Money is all set to announce its next step into the mainstream crypto community. WELD Money is on a mission to bridge the two extreme worlds of crypto and traditional financial systems.…
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El Salvador

El Salvador | Witnessing a New Age of Economic System with Cryptocurrency

San Salvador, El Salvador, September 3, 2021,  The bill passed by the El Salvador government in June of 2021 comes into effect from September, and the entire nation is now preparing for a new form of the exchange system, which is added with Bitcoin. The people in El Salvador can now use Bitcoin like their…
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Bitrise | Hyper-Deflationary Token With 549 Trillion $BRISE already Burned

NEW YORK, NY / August 3, 2021 / Keeping up with its hyper-deflationary system, Bitrise burned 549 trillion $BRISE worth $1 million in just 22 days of its launch. As a community-centric platform, Bitrise will also launch its all-comprehensive crypto exchange and a wallet that can integrate with any current from different blockchains. Built with features like spot trading and…
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Digital Currency Era’s Five Crypto Cards

HONG KONG – CHINA / Since the release of Facebook’s Libra White Paper, the digital currency seems to come into people’s lives overnight. With the rise of digital assets, cryptocurrency and other digital assets are becoming a more important part of the payment. Many institutions or businesses can pay directly with cryptocurrency. Also, more people…
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TENT Now Featured on HitBTC in a Key Move for Growing Cryptocurrency Project

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC / April 16, 2021 / In a major milestone toward achieving its goal of bringing altcoins and cryptocurrency into daily usage, TENT is driving forward with its key roadmap objectives for 2021 with a listing on the popular HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange. TENT was created as a joint venture between SnowGem Foundation, the blockchain technology company behind the SnowGem…
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BTC Payment Processor – Does One Really Need It?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA / March 16, 2021 / The popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to rise. In early 2015, the network of the biggest currency by market capitalization, Bitcoin (BTC), consisted of circa 200,000 registered active users. However, by the end of February 2021, the number of wallets with at least a dollar in the account exceeded 32 million. For many, cryptocurrencies…
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Mr. Enabulele

Meeting with a Visionary | Oduwa Coin Creator and Indigenous Cryptocurrency Innovator, Mr. Bright Enabulele

SHERIDAN, WY / February 17, 2021 / With an aim to become the new voice of Africa and help its beautiful people become financially mature, literate, and achieve independence from everyday problems, Mr.Enabulele has developed a unique and specific platform called Oduwa Coin. The Creation of Oduwa Coin Mankind has always progressed with innovations and advancements. Blockchain…
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DAPS | Collaborating with Rapids to Provide Ease of Transaction and Accessibility

Decentralized Anonymous Payment System, DAPS is privacy enabling blockchain system to make payments and stake. It is said that privacy should not be considered as a privilege, but it is the right of every individual. Hence, DAPS is taking forward this mission with a zeal to provide its community with a smart and enabling solution.…
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Oduwa marketplace

Oduwa Coin Marketplace | A State-of-the-Art Store Enabled with Oduwa Coin Payment System

There are very few crypto projects that have the ability to bring about a sea of change in the marketplace. This motive and ability to harness mass adoption become especially important from the perspective of enabling digitally less mature communities. The Oduwa Coin earlier came out as Global Equalizer to help underserved communities’ around the…
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Passport Finance

Passport Finance | Multi-Utility and Intelligent Platform Proffering Seamless Payment Systems

Passport Finance aims to enhance user usability and provide a higher level of efficiency to the users. Although the existing DeFi platforms proffer a wide array of benefits, Passport Finance aims to surpass them and deliver a whole new payment ecosystem that is agile, extensible, scalable, and simple. The attributes of scalability and simplicity are…
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