DecentraHub – A Blockchain-based Platform for Online Gaming and Sports Betting

DecentraHub – A Blockchain-based Platform for Online Gaming and Sports Betting

The global online gaming and sports betting industry is set for a transformational change over the next decade. With BigTech companies investing millions of dollars to improve the online gaming experience, it is hardly surprising that by 2021, over 2.5 billion people are expected to play some sort of online games. That’s almost one-third of the global population!

Evolving with this trend, DecentraHub launched an innovative and fun-filled platform that aims to provide the best of digital gaming experience and hassle-free betting. Irrespective of the platform – mobile or online, the gamers are allowed to test their skills and compete individually or in pooled games.

This secure platform opens an opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to unleash both their gaming and betting prowess, with a fair opportunity to earn money while doing so. Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology, DecentraHub will allow crypto enthusiasts to experience real-time gaming all while earning money.

Completely decentralized, this blockchain-based platform ensures that punters can bet on their favorite games without worrying about regulatory intervention and scrutiny. Our motto is to be a one-stop destination providing an uninterrupted and seamless experience for gaming and online betting.

To further mitigate any chances of fraud and deceit, the platform uses its own native cryptocurrency called the ‘DecentraCoin’ (DCNTR). All bets on the platform are absolutely transparent and the casino membership furnishes a favorable environment for gamers through increased accessibility and reduced house edge costs.

Registering on DecentraHub Platform and Play to Win

The registration process is pretty simple. Create and edit your user profile, choose your avatar, and start competing with other players around the world.

Gamers can also place a stake on their favorite games and win staked bets. The more a gamer wins, the more they step up their expertise levels and thus achieving higher gains. At every level, users get an option to compete with gamers of similar, higher, or lower XP levels. The higher the expertise level of your opponent, the more DCNTR coins you win.

Gamers can use the winning bounty of DCNTR coins to play more or set up their own masternodes. On the other hand, one can grow the coins by simply cold staking it. Besides, there is always the opportunity of trading DCNTR coins with other cryptocurrencies.

What is appealing to many about the cold staking facility is that the gamers need not be present 24*7 online to stake their DCNTR coins. They can either host their DCNTR masternode coins on the platform or simply store their rewards without any cold staking and stop worrying about reserves, transfers, multiple wallets, or transactional security.

Masternode Hosting and Cold Staking

As we mentioned earlier, DecentraHub Platform is fuelled by its native cryptocurrency called DecentraCoin. This native cryptocurrency is powered with a cold staking technology along with features like Dynamic MasterNode (MN) collateral.

Cold staking is essentially a feature that allows users to stake their DCNTR coins without the standard requirements of internet connection or running a wallet or transferring their wins elsewhere. The coins chosen for cold staking are automatically locked and they start generating staking rewards.

The Platform provides gamers with anonymity for staking their DecentraCoins (DCNTR). The coin also features dandelion++ security which offers an additional layer of anonymity. This empowers transactions to move to an available node instead of all connected nodes. The DecentraHub Coin offers desktop wallets for all major platforms – Windows, Linux, and Mac. Besides, it also has mobile wallets for iOS and Android devices.

The platform serves as the primary mode of payment for listing and hosting services and is extremely private, super secure, and comes with lightning-fast transactional speeds.

Users can also track the real-time value of DCNTR Coins on platforms like CoinMarketcap and CoinGecko. The coin is also available for trading on popular exchanges like Crex24.

Earlier this month, DCNTR Coin was also listed in SouthXchange, Finebox as well as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management app, Blockfolio.

For more information visit DecentraHub’s website.