Decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem DAO.VC announces its launch

Decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem DAO.VC announces its launch


Hosingen, Luxembourg/ July 12, 2021/ The first fully legitimate and autonomous decentralized venture ecosystem DAO.VC announces the launch of both the project and the sale of its own DAO.VC tokens. The platform is a marketplace and a social network for all participants of the venture industry, which also has its own acceleration program to provide a full range of services for the development of startup projects, earnings on investments, and also helps to select a team and performers, both for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies including classic venture projects.

“Our project has become a synergy of two areas: traditional venture investment and DeFi. The platform’s functionality allows you to invest both in the development of the platform itself and to purchase Tokenized indexes consisting of shares or tokens of startups supported by the platform and undergoing acceleration even with a minimum budget of $1. We have special programs for institutional investors,” says the Founder and CEO of DAO.VC, Georgy Galoyan.

At the moment, the platform is a marketplace and a social network that offer services in three main areas:

Support for startups. Platform DAO.VC allows startups from the crypto world and real business to place their campaigns to attract investment from retail and institutional investors, and our special acceleration program helps startups develop under the guidance of experienced advisors.

Opportunities for investors. The functionality of the platform allows investors to get access to both startups that have created their accounts on the marketplace, and to a basket of startups that have been examined by the DAO compliance service.VCs gain access to acceleration. At the same time, the amount of investments is not set, so users can independently determine the budget of their investments. Bonuses and special partner programs are provided for large investors.

Employment. DAO.VC helps co-creators, freelancers, and outsourcing studios to find a job or an order in startups and blockchain companies. In addition, the site will create opportunities for selecting freelancers for project work, which will allow startups to speed up the process of hiring or attracting staff to perform a specific type of work.

“We took into account the main problems of the market that exist at the moment and offered a solution on a single platform. By the end of the year, we plan to hold the first accelerator stream for startups that have been selected for the LaunchLab program,” says Georgy Galoyan.

The first project will pass the pilot acceleration program and plans to conduct its own token sale with the help of the DAO team.The VC, which will be the provider of this token sale, has become the Hardcore Fighting Championship company, which has crazy fan support throughout Eastern Europe and the CIS and intends to expand its geography to the United States and the whole world. Hardcore tokens will be the first to fill the tokenized vcDAO pool, thereby giving a start not only for the tokenization of Hardcore itself but also the first to enter the tokenized vcDAO index of the DAO VC platform.

Also, in the third quarter of the current year, the sale of DAOVC governance tokens will begin, the presence of such ensures management of full functionality for all the platforms and participation in the distribution of profits from the activities of the marketplace and the social network, a tokenized vcDAO pool is also provided from which it is planned to finance the acceleration of startups and into which the tokens of these startups will fall, which allows you to receive income from investing in an index fund/pool, from which the development of startups will be financed. In addition, a similar pool is expected for classic venture startups, which will give away not the tokens of their projects, but the founder’s shares of the projects. This pool is a legally registered special limited partnership in the Duchy of Luxembourg. The platform also assumes its own VCUSD stablecoin, which serves as an internal means of payment and will be distributed to the holders of the government token as a reward for managing the platform.

You can purchase DAOvc and vcDAO tokens directly on the platform DeFi.DAO.VC.

The partners of DAO VC were, Crypton.Studio,, Altergate VC, and others. At the moment, many professional participants of the venture and cryptocurrency market are carefully looking towards the DAO VC, as the project can become a universal solution for many industry participants, providing both a platform for interaction and a platform that generates business activity for startups, investors, and performers.

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