Pandatsuki | Launching A Fully Transparent Meme Coin For Charity

Pandatsuki | Launching A Fully Transparent Meme Coin For Charity


BERLIN, GERMANY, July 15, 2021 — The Pandastuki presale precedes the launch of the platform. The users can participate in the presale, starting from the 14th of July and it continues till the 21st of July. The presale is focused on inviting users and building a community of crypto enthusiasts with a motive of helping sustainable projects by contributing via charities initiated on the platform. Pandastuki is focused on building a better future and supports the transformation of this world to a better one with the help of its meme-based token interacting with the community and contributing to projects via charities.

The most Widespread Presales Ever

The Pandastuki presale will happen on DxSale with Liquidity Sale. The Pandastuki presales are aimed at investing immediately and investing a large amount of sum in the beginning.

It also represents a marketing plan that includes over 60 online publications that will partake in spreading the word about Pandastuki and how it can improve the ways and means of charity-based meme crypto coins.

The first $PANDAgenerated with the presale is expected to yield a 1000x return for the users.

Tokens and Donations

The token representing Pandastuki is Panda, and it will be used to generate yield and conduct transactions in the community. It is the community that will benefit from interacting with the Panda token in different aspects

Every user holding Panda tokens in the wallet can earn more Panda. 5% of every transaction will be distributed between the users holding the Panda token. Another 5% of the transaction amount will be reserved in a liquidity pool that will be used to contribute towards charities.

Community-First Approach

The community will take every decision on the platform. They will also provide holdership and liquidity to the platform. The community will be responsible for raising funds and creating sustainable organizations based on the projects. These projects will also be chosen by the community together

The passive way of making money turns out to be effective for income generation targeting the charities. As the platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, the transactions are faster and more secure.

Being a meme coin, Pandastuki will attract a great fan following working together to promote the crypto coin and bring the benefits associated with it to the community. The profits generated by Pandastuki as a meme coin will also be diverted towards the charitable efforts initiated by the community.

About Pandastuki

Pandastuki is a transparent meme coin meant for charitable purposes and promoting sustainable projects with its presale live on DxSale with an expected return rate of 1000x. It aims to leverage the popularity of meme coins and the efficiency of a transparent and secure system to build a community. The community will further make effective decisions for the benefit of the platform and earn more $PANDA by transacting and holding the tokens in the wallet.

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