dIRA | Helping Individuals Plan Their Retirement Today with ODE

dIRA | Helping Individuals Plan Their Retirement Today with ODE


dIRA is a financial product offering from ODE, and it stands for decentralized Individual Retirement Account. This project works with the same purpose as an IRA account offered by the government, with a purpose to help individuals save for the future with tax-advantage. However, dIRA brings the element of blockchain, which gives it a decentralized, secure, and community-oriented nature.

dIRA and the Blockchain

dIRA is a retirement plan for the individuals powered, multiplied, and secured by the blockchain helping the users save for their retirement. The plans and schedules under the project are modified according to the user’s needs and requirements.

dIRA is developed by ODE, and the users will be able to save for their retirement in the same cryptocurrency. Using the blockchain of this project creates trust among the community while ensuring returns to the investments.

Lower Contributions For the Community

The users can begin contributing towards their dIRA account with as low as 0.05 ODE per month. Where the minimum yearly contribution is 0.60 ODE, and the maximum is 120 ODE. In addition to this, the users can invest for a minimum of one year and a maximum of 10 years.

With dIRA, users of any age and profession can start investing in the retirement plan. The returns are set according to a preset formula meant to multiply the user’s contributions. For the user’s reference, they can utilize the automatic project’s computation available on the website to identify the returns.

About dIRA and ODE

ODE joining a new financial ecosystem with its innovative digital currency ODE running on the ERC-20 protocol. dIRA is one of the products of ODE, and it provides the users with a pre-established program for savings in the retirement plan. The users can invest in ODE and get returns in the same cryptocurrency. All the functions and operations are secured by the blockchain without any central authority.