Project Panda NFT Exchange Platform for Creators and Deliver Social Contributions

Project Panda NFT Exchange Platform for Creators and Deliver Social Contributions


DUBAI, UAE / April 16, 2021 /Project Panda is working as a Socio-NFT platform where the users can exchange NFTs with an exchange protocol that is based on the Binance Smart Chain network. For the NFT exchange system, Project Panda provides access to a pre-built infrastructure that ensures the secure, transparent, and customized creation of exchange contracts. In addition to this, the platform works based on De-Fi guidelines proffering censorship-resistant exchange contracts.

NFT Exchange Contracts with Project Panda

Project Panda provides its users access to a decentralized system for NFT exchange. As a primary NFT exchange platform, the development team has created a system to build custom use cases of NFTs and provide open access to the NFT portal to the community.

In addition to this, Project Panda will also contribute towards charities and social causes by making contributions towards building shelters and giving aid for catastrophes. The Project Panda gets its social character from its contributions towards the social causes and elements.

Working on these lines, the platform will bring together artists and creators looking to make an impact with their contributions. The Project Panda is working with a vision to create a better NFT space for the future, one that gives access to a sustainable and decentralized platform to the community.

Project Panda Token (PNDA)

For enabling an exchange of NFTs and other functions on the platform, the PNDA token is the primary medium. As a community-led token, the PNDA token has several use cases, including buying digital NFTs, Souvenirs and donating to the listed charities.

For better access to the community, the token holders will have the power to govern the token’s value. Along with this, some portion of every NFT exchange transaction will be separated for donation to shelters.

The PNDA is a deflationary token with a burning rate of 1%, which is kept aside from every transaction, which helps reduce the total supply. With a total supply of 10 million tokens capped at this limit, 2 million tokens will be burned.

About Project Panda

The Project Panda is building a future-oriented NFT exchange infrastructure and allowing the creators plus artists to come together on the platform. The users can upload the digital NFTs and create contracts for their management. Working with the PNDA token, the users will get access to the prebuilt technical infrastructure for the Global BEP-20 compatible contracts.

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