DxSale Selects Whale Coin Talk for Coveted Ambassador Program and Partnership

DxSale Selects Whale Coin Talk for Coveted Ambassador Program and Partnership


Whale Coin Talk was selected out of over 500 submissions to DxSale for the Ambassador Program. This is the first time DxSale is connecting with other platforms with a motive to improve market traction and awareness. DxSale’s alpha Ambassador program is a one of a kind system connecting talented people who already have KYC’d presales. The program is meant to minimize the risk for both the parties involved in the transaction and help promote a safe environment in the crypto space.


The primary purpose of DxSale’s partnership with WCT is to help use the resources of both platforms to present AMAs and marketing to KYC’d projects. The Ambassadors program by DxSale has five categories; Influencers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Growth Hackers, and AMA Channels.

In all of the five categories, DxSale will select one or more platforms for the program. In the AMA Channel category, Whale Coin Talk was awarded the top spot. DxSale recognizes that AMA channels are the best way to bring forward information and help members to get in depth knowledge about projects and platforms.

Besides WCT, DxSale has also included SolidProof, one of the most prominent auditing platforms, in its ambassador program under the Growth Hacker category.

About Whale Coin Talk

Whale Coin Talk or WCT is a dedicated AMA channel sharing insights, information, and news about crypto platforms by conducting live sessions with the founders and the core team of the projects. These AMAs are hosted live on WCT’s Telegram channel, and the hosts asks a series of questions to the representatives of the project being interviewed. These AMA sessions attract several people from the crypto community having all levels of knowledge.

About DxSale

DxSale is a launchpad platform letting entrepreneurs and crypto project owners build and launch their tokens. The entrepreneurs using the platform do not need the knowledge of coding to build a platform. DxSale also offers to help build a platform on any of the 16 different blockchain networks available.

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