Everipedia has Released Plans for Expansion

Everipedia has Released Plans for Expansion


According to a recent report, the world’s largest blockchain based encyclopedia— Everipedia, has made its expansion plans known. The encyclopedia is looking to improve its IQ ecosystem.

Everipedia to Launch New Interface

The team behind the project has made plans to launch a new user interface for the project known. This new interface will be accessible through the platform official URL— everipedia.org. With the new interface, users of the platform will be exposed to better user experience and it will also aid with the project’s agenda of mass market adoption.

According to the announcement made by the team,” the current Everipedia registration process is already simple for technologically-minded and blockchain-savvy individuals, so the goal with the new platform is creating a new user experience that targets regular Internet consumers and editors of traditional encyclopedias.”

Everipedia which launched its initial platform in August 2018, allows users of the platform to stake IQ tokens and receiving rewards for curating and editing articles. With the new interface and other upgrades, the network will be well suited for a more global audience.

Everipedia CEO and co-founder Theodor Forselius have also issued some statement regarding this expansion. He stated that: “Everipedia is the encyclopedia of everything for everyone. Since day one, our goal has been to make a platform accessible to everyone. The new user interface will set a new precedent for how decentralized applications, or dapps, can bring blockchain technology beyond the sphere of blockchain enthusiasts and to the masses.”

With the new expansion, more languages will be supported on the platform. Right now the network supports Korean, English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish Wikipedia content. With the new expansion and update, the platform will support more languages

Increase in Workforce

Additionally, Everipedia will be increasing its workforce. Santa Monica, Stockholm, China and Korea has been identified as the major regions this work expansion will be taking place.