The LRM Platform Bringing A Long And Healthy Life

The LRM Platform Bringing A Long And Healthy Life

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In a universe where everyone has equal access to medical services, especially those who are in need of organs. Very few lives will be lost.

This can, however, be made possible only through the development of a platform which provides a globally connected pool of organ donors. Through a platform like this, those in need of these organs will get them as at when needed.

The combination of a platform like this with blockchain technology will equip such platform with a tamper-proof ability. As a result of this, everyone gets a fair shot at top-notch medical services.

One platform which has successfully integrated, blockchain technology into advance medicine (molecular biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine) thereby serving as a perfect reference point for the previously described universe, is the Liquid Regeneration Medicine (LRM) platform.

The LRM Platform

The Liquid Regeneration Medicine (LRM) is a platform developed with the main goal of creating a unified DNA database using blockchain technology. The project is designed to help with the accurate and instant search of donors and donor organs through the use of 3D printing.

The LRM platform is a branch of transitional research that has to do with molecular biology and tissue engineering. It concentrates on the processes involved in regenerating human organs, tissues or cells for the sole purpose of fixing problems or restoring them to their normal functions.

This innovation will readily make a permanent record of information of transactions available. Every single transaction of the users, which is also referred to as a block, is recorded in the register sequentially. The “blocks” form a chain when a progressive series of blocks are combined together. Information can’t be changed or damaged on the block of transactions which is also called a “mark”, as each block of the transaction is made secure cryptographically. A transparent report which is also permanent is created by this technology on its transactions, which in turn, provides a great opportunity in the medical field for solving certain current medical issues.

The Background and Objectives of LRM

The world today keeps evolving and every aspect of life keeps changing. One sector which is well overdue for a change is the healthcare sector. The introduction of blockchain technology provides an opportunity for this needed transformation, although, for the past 10 years, there have been other technologies that have also been in use. Unlike the LRM, these other technologies have suffered limitations because of the financial services sector.

The main aim of the LRM Platform is to make available various innovative ways through which different health issues can be treated using regenerative medicine.

This process is totally different from the traditional reconstructive surgery. Regenerative medicine usually involves innovative biomaterials, alongside cell and gene therapy. With the LRM Platform, fluid gels can be used to produce completed structures which are impossible to produce using addictive manufacturing processes.

The LRM Blockchain Technology

The structure of the blockchain can be likened to that of the DNA, as the DNA is an encrypted chain formed by an encoded sequence of data. The LRM Blockchain is secure and transparent, with a great deal of integrity, providing a safe environment for secure access to genome data and storage of genome data, all in a network of blocks which is decentralized.

The LRM Coin

According to its official white paper, access to the LRM platform is paid for using LRM coins. Also, users are allowed to share tips with each other in order to earn some LRM coins. Distributing research publications within a social service platform and posing of messages will also earn users LRM coins on the platform.

Blockchain Technology and the Health Sector

Blockchain technology has captured the minds of many investors in the world, in many sectors including the healthcare sector. A survey conducted in October 2018 by the black book team had the utilization of blockchain technologies surveyed by 276 healthcare providers and 88 consumers of the healthcare system. It was seen from the result of the survey that 76% of representatives paying for medical services and 19% of managers of medical organizations are looking at the possibility of using blockchain based technologies to solve various issues in the medical field.

This is clearly showing that the LRM platform is on the right track and it is here to stay. Apart from the monetary reward that comes with investing in a platform like this, the fact that one is advancing the cause of science and playing a role in making the world a better place is more than enough motivation to get involved with the LRM project.