Fund Your Next Blockchain Project With Crowdfunding: Meet Crowdfund Coin

Fund Your Next Blockchain Project With Crowdfunding: Meet Crowdfund Coin

Crowdfund Coin

The number one killer of innovation is lack of funding. No matter how useful an innovation is or how much financially rewarding an idea is, if there are no funds to push and develop it, it will only remain as an idea and probably die.
Fortunately, the invention of the internet which has aided in connecting people millions of miles apart has also made sourcing for funds absolutely easy.

Every inventor’s dream is to get chased after by venture capital and prominent angel investors. When you don’t have the luxury of this, probably due to the fact that you are not well connected, what do you do? Well it simple, you go the Crowd Funding route.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an act of providing funds for a business or project. The funds are generated by contributing little sums of money from different individuals, to generate a large sum that will be enough to carry out the project. The funds generated are usually through the internet from a large number of people. This means of alternative financing has been used to generate funds for a large number of entrepreneurial projects which includes medical expenses, artistic or creative ventures, travel expenses, entrepreneurship internship ventures and community projects.

Advantages Of Crowdfunding

Recently, lots of entrepreneurs, project managers and individuals have started exploring this means of raising funds for their projects, and this is due to certain advantages it offers. Below are some advantages and benefits of Crowdfunding.

  • Crowdfunding provides a more efficient fundraising method than most traditional and conventional fundraising methods.
  • With Crowdfunding, you have the opportunity to refine your idea, brainstorm and make several important contacts, gain loyal business associates and advocates.
  • Crowdfunding provides a platform for marketing and creates valuable media exposure.

As expected blockchain technology has found its use in crowdfunding. This use case is exemplified in the case of CrowdFunding Coin (CFUND).

Crowdfund Coin and CFUND

Crowdfund Coin (CFUND) is a transparent lending platform for private and business events with revenue sharing using the decentralized technology of the CFUND blockchain. CFUND is the first decentralized crowdfunding platform in the world.

The CFUND platform is designed to make accessing funds for budding entrepreneurs possible. Through the platform, these entrepreneurs are presented with the tools necessary for showcasing their projects to potential investors. Also, investors are presented with the opportunity of investing in innovative projects at their very early stages. Basically, the platform’s main aim is to unite innovators with investors who are interested in investing.

How CFUND Works?

To list a project on the platform, Entrepreneurs or innovators will have to apply for an account on CFUND, and once the application is accepted, their products or projects will be listed. This will allow investors who want to be a part of it to buy into the idea and provide finance for it. The CFUND native currency (Crowdfund Coin) is used to conduct transactions on the platform. Also, smart contracts will be created by the blockchain to secure the funds of investors on the platform, until the project or product is delivered.

Entrepreneurs have the option of exchanging a portion of their company or enterprise for Crowdfund Coin. The Crowdfund Coin gotten can then be traded for FIAT and used to take care of the startup costs of their company.

The Masternode Investment Opportunities

Just like with any reputable blockchain project masternodes exist. A masternode holder has more influence over the network than ordinary network participants. The CFUND platform also has its masternodes. Here the masternodes have a say regarding which project will be supported by the platform. This is made possible through a voting system. When the companies they voted for become successful, these Masternode holders are also entitled to some dividends from these companies.

The CFUND platform has launched at a time where the world is in dire need of new innovations. Through the platform, as long as your project idea is sound, you do not have to worry about greasing palms to get funds. Your faith will be determined by a wide range of community member. If you are able to garner votes from the community you are set. This is a much better improvement over the traditional means of sourcing for funds.