HOT deals: TaTaTu Platform Announces Large Giveaway

HOT deals: TaTaTu Platform Announces Large Giveaway

Blockchain Tatatu

Blockchain company TaTaTu that is found by Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino has opened their token giveaway in order to attract public awareness.

This is a new blockchain platform that combines social networking and entertainment in one – company will supply premium video content as well as users will be awarded for watching it by getting shares from advertisers.

There are six sections announced right now: movies, TV shows, music videos, games, celebrities, and sports. Idea is that viewers will earn tokens from watching content as well brands will have a safe place to serve ads.

On Monday, July 16th, 2018, company announced that promotion is taking place during the public beta of the platform starting from July 1. Users currently registered and newcomers will receive 50 TTU tokens, currently valued at approximately $25 USD. Unfortunately, there are still restrictions by countries that are possibly connected with copyrights issues and some countries will not be able to register yet. The company confirmed that they are operating in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Italy right now but will expand on quarter 4 this year. Tokens can be used from October 28 and they will be transferred to user’s Ethereum wallet.

The initial interest for TaTaTu has been exceptional and we are continuing that momentum into our beta phase with the largest cryptocurrency giveaway in history,” said Iervolino. “TaTaTu will be a social platform whose value is shared by everyone that participates and will continue to grow as more and more people join.”

In June in pre-sales of the tokens, TaTaTu raised $575 million. This fund will be used to create original content, get new users, advertising platform and develop the software. Good luck in a battle against Netflix with $8 Bil. in 2018 yearly budget, HBO owner Time Warner and Fox both 8 Bil. in 2017, as well Amazon with their increasing yearly budgets.