What Is Impleum?

What Is Impleum?



What Is Impleum Project?

Creators of the project describes it as following.

“Project is open ecosystem of apps based on the Impleum blockchain platform. Impleum is a powerful and scalable path to develop decentralized applications. By leveraging Impleum’s masternodes, developers can easily create DApps that are not only highly secure, but also highly scalable. The core of Impleum platform is an object-oriented programming language C# with a huge developer community.”

Let me try to describe with the different words and bring closer it to the non technical users.

Project Impleum is an open platform that is using blockchain system and a special programming language called C# to seamlessly integrating blockchain solutions in your DApp (decentralized applications abbreviation). Impleum is more than just a project as it attracts new developers who are coming with their project ideas that they can develop based on the Impleum platform. Here are few upcoming DApps: Quizi.io marketing tool (https://quizi.io/) or mobile game OldStyleRacing (http://osr.fun/) – a classic time killer for iPhone and iPad.

What exactly can Impleum offer?

– It is instant. Impleum transactions are simple and efficient.

– It is private. All financial information, history and balance are confidential.

– Secure. Transactions are backed up across hundreds of servers.

– Staking. Forget power-hungry mining rigs – stake and even earn interest.

– Masternodes. Service nodes that allows Impleum DSpps to scale off – chain

– It has low fees. Impleum improves your savings with .001 transaction fees.


Impleum has its own coin IMP. The project has a max supply of 100 000 000 coins where only 1% of coins will be pre-mined. This amount 1% is relatively small as in average companies keep 10-15% in pre-mining. The rest of 99% will go to circulation supply.

Pre-mining coin sales target

All pre-mining funds will be spent on the development of Impleum project. More in details below.

Marketing and awareness: 27%

5% for bounty program

2% for global market expansion

20% on airdrops

Team and office costs: 46%

32% for co-founders and team

4% for advisors

12% for an opening of new offices and payments for employees

Technical and operational costs: 15%

1% for hosting

2% for technical support

2% to legal costs

10% for Listing on the exchanges

Cross-platform wallets

Impleum features accessible wallets through their graphical user interfaces (GUIs) or in users eyes that would be easy to understand, intuitive and simple, across all major operating systems Windows, macOS, and Linux. Setting up your wallet takes only a few minutes, and will encrypt your funds with the highest level of security. But for more technical users, command line interface (CLI) wallets are also available.

Buying IMP tokens

Sales of pre-mined coins started in June 2018, and 105 000 tokens will be sold with a discount. There is a 40% discount price right now on July 24th, 2018 and HERE (https://impleum.com/cruptochange-how-to-buy-imp/) you can read how to buy IMP coins also place this where you buy them safely (https://btcimp.trade/). Public sales of coins will start right after and price for 1 IMP will be 1$ (0.00013 BTC). IMP is listed also in Crypto Bridge platform https://crypto-bridge.org/ and Exrates exchange platform: https://exrates.me/dashboard

Airdrop second wave was 5th May – 6th June.

Road Map of the Project  

Q1 2018

  • The launch of the Impleum test network

Q2 2018

  •   Mainnet release
  •  The Impleum website launching
  •  Official block explorer launch
  •  A Impleum Coin wallets for Linux and Windows, as well Mac are in testing and are available for the community
  •  Impleum mining pool adding
  •  Listing IMP on CryptoBridge
  •  Listing IMP on Exrates

Q3 2018 

  •   Listing on exchanges
  •  Mobile and Web Wallets
  •  WhitePaper

Q4 2018 

  • Masternodes up
  • New Wallet Design
  • Masternode implementation

Q1 2019 

  • DApp open source SDK


The Team of Impleum Project

Yurii Bulakh (core contributor) studied in Kherson, Ukraine, state university, CEO of Avtomatizaror (http://avtomatizator.com.ua/) implementing product 1C for your company automatization. Anton Yaroshenko and Pavel Kurianov also comes under core contributor position, both are technology persons like Yurii. The others in the team are Vladimir Kalmyk, Unix/Linux IT architect, Ruslan Filipchuk, Alex Hua and Borislav Laugh. Team strength is their technical skills that have been proven by several existing projects.

From conversation with their support, when we asked about balance between technology and managerial side. “We do not have specific leaders. There is a team that develops it. We have developers from the real economy and enterprise segment, but the same time we have a large team of economists and consultants. In the near future we plan to update the team on the site with new members – marketing, community managers.”

Strong side of the team is their advisors list that starts with Eddie Wang, co-founder of multi – currency mining pool Luxor Mining (under Luxor technologies), based Greater Boston area currently. But more he would be known by name MyEtherWallet where he was software frontend engineer. MyEtherWallet (MEW) is the largest Ethereum web wallet service online right now. Eddie is strong believer in blockchain technologies and his another project is Sia (Nebulous Inc.) that is “storage platform leverages underutilized hard drive capacity around the world to create a data storage marketplace that is more reliable and lower cost than traditional cloud storage providers.”

Next advisor is Vitaliy Yakushev https://www.facebook.com/i.vitaliy.yakushev who is cybersecurity advisor in Ukraine. Vitaliy is a high-level professional in the fields of information technology and data security, as well as an experienced leader in driving innovation and execution at scale. Vitaliy has over 15 years’ experience in diversified national and international projects in building and operating advanced information systems

His company 10Guards https://10guards.com/ secures safe online work for many companies.


Michael Lane Thomas as Technical Advisor. He is CEO at Vision Ridge Technologies

Michael has gained 20 years of enterprise IT and business development serving the frontline with prominent knowledge leaders as Microsoft, Vision Ridge Technologies. He has extensive experience in detailed technical analysis of blockchain-related business models and propositions.


Oleg Mishchenko is Product Owner Strategy. CEO and founder of ION digital http://iondigi.com/ that is Web, mobile app development platform.

Technical Specialist with an extensive experience in development of Digital projects. Founder and CEO of «ION digital». Engaged in the development of web services and mobile applications since 2010. Participated in the development and launch of more than 10 start-ups.

Social Appearance

This project appears in almost all “necessary” social networks but doesn’t have hype around. One can say that might mean that project is not something valuable or worth following, I would answer that such very “technological” projects until they are in their development stage are not very easy to digest for wider audience. In the moment when some


becomes popular and valuable, which is built on this platform, serious investors will realize the value of this project. Very often hyped projects actually have much lesser value and they really need fast sales of tokens and therefore only hype around can give you this impact. Project

Impleum has a long way ahead and we will see how it will perform in the future. In the coming months, the team will increase with strong managerial and marketing team members who would bring faster and more effective popularity.
But definitely, it is worth to follow and buy some tokens as all valuation indicators show positive tendencies.


Social links of Impleum Project

Twitter  https://twitter.com/impleum

GitHub  https://github.com/impleum

Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3333027

Telegramm https://t.me/impleum_blockchain

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Impleum/

DiscordApp https://discordapp.gg/AyV8Ssa

Medium https://medium.com/@impleum