Interview with Gentarium Platform Creators

Interview with Gentarium Platform Creators

Gentarium Platform



CryptoShib listed blockchain project Gentarium sometime back and now it is time to get more insights into the project. Publishing interview with project creators.


(CS) Your project description in two sentences.

Our platform provides the opportunity of an automatic masternodes deployment, shared mn, and the ability to manage asics and gpu rigs.

(CS) What is the goal of your project?

We wanna help people to break daily routine, installing and launching MN on VPS, monitoring GPU and ASICs and get more profits with just 1-2 clicks

(CS) Your short story – how did you come up with the idea of this project?

We were MN holders and advised our friends to invest in such a cryptocurrency sphere. But they always have had troubles with launching MN: those VPS, new IPs, sentinels etc. So we realized that cryptocurrency has some troubles and we can help in this case.

(CS) What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects – like, other Masternode hosting services that have appeared recently?

We aren’t first hosting platform, but we are first fully automated shared and instant MN platform with such functionality in the world.

How safe is your masternodes hosting platform?

We are implementing 2FA for users. On our side are several levels of security, so it’s very very difficult to steal users coins.

(CS) This is a really important question as everyone who would like to invest in a masternodes would like to know answers. If someone invests in any masternodes that you offer on your platform – how safe is his investment? Let’s say, your projects suddenly disappears…(hope that not but…). Or another situation – hackers get inside your hosting – can they steal investors coins?

As I said we have several levels of security, so it’s very, very difficult to steal users coins. What about the disappearance – so we aren’t anon and we are incorporated.

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed and will be a winner in a competition with other masternode hosting projects?

We have a better platform, better offer, and better price and we cover several spheres.

(CS) What is a guarantee of the stability of your project?

We own several IT projects, so we have fiat support.

(CS) How did you find your team members of the project?

We were working several years together before starting cryptocurrency development.

(CS) What future perspective of your project you see in 5 years?

Best hosting and shared and instant MN platform. Also, own exchange and fiat to crypto exchange. And some ideas I can’t tell about.

(CS) How to start to invest in your project – do you have tutorial videos that one can watch? Other materials?

Sure, we have all tutorial on our website for all the coins. For example, you chose GTM coin and on the 3rd step is tutorial which helps to launch MN in 1-2 min.

(CS) Where to get to know current news and trustable information about your project


CS – CryptoShib

Answers – CryptoM from Gentarium project

16th of October, 2018.