Introduction Of Project BigGame EOS Blockchain Gaming Platform From Estonia

Introduction Of Project BigGame EOS Blockchain Gaming Platform From Estonia

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BigGame is a premier EOS gaming platform that offers boutique gaming, provable fairness, and lifetime dividends. BigGame platform has already launched Poker War, Banker Bull, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Slots, and Dice games. The platform also features a jackpot worth a million.

BigGame is a blockchain-powered platform for the bettors. It provides better security and transparency for bettors looking to earn profit from their gaming platform. To earn a profit, the platform has a token called BG baked to it.

Main Features of BigGame

The BigGame platform is powered by the EOS blockchain, which makes it provably fair. It helps to guarantee openness and trust for all parties involved. There is a verification tool that can be used by users to confirm the results of any game. This will also enable the platform to gain the reputation of a fair gaming platform.

The platform offers bettor boutique gaming. Each of the games on the platform is crafted to the highest standards with the finest gaming experience possible through the blockchain.

There is also an opportunity to earn lifetime dividends. Users of the platform have the chance to earn a passive income from the success of the featured games. The profits from the platform are shared via token mining and a dividend plan.

The dividend system on BigGame is the most profitable system for players, as it is open to anyone and users only have to stake the BG tokens. Dividends are paid out every hour and are based on how much BG a user has staked. Players have staked around 94% of the circulating supply till now.

It supports mining by wagering on the game offers. There are 700 million BG tokens available for mining. However, the difficulty rises after ever 35 million tokens are mined.

BigGame has a buyback program where the team will periodically buy the BG tokens from the crypto market and burn them. It helps to lower the supply of tokens, which stabilizes the price.

VIP System and Referral System

The system is designed to reward players who bet on the platform. Users get more bonuses as they rise through the VIP levels. There is also a ‘subsidy for loss’ program within the VIP system. Players qualify for a subsidy if they make overall losses for the day. Rewards are paid out in EOS and get bigger with higher VIP level. Each VIP level features a gift and at the highest level, gift is set at 518 EOS.

BigGame also features a referral system to encourage the growth of the platform. Players are given a referral link, which they can send to their friends. If their friends sign up, the players will get a bonus on all bets forever.

The Benefits

Bettors on the BigGame platform can get benefits such as reimbursements for betting losses and bonuses for moving up to a new level. It is a great platform for those who love placing huge bets and are fans of the games on offer. In terms of functionality, the site works great. Players can switch between games easily, which leads to positive user experience.

Recent Security Issues

On August 10, 2020, BigGame revealed through the project’s Telegram channel that they had suffered from a security event. The security abnormality triggered the automatic shutdown built in the smart contract for the Bulls and Pokerwar game.

The team told members of the Telegram group that all affected would have all the 24650 stolen EOS restored in full. It is a good sign that the project is committed to protecting the interests of its users.

The BG Token Burning Events

On August 12, the BigGame team announced that they had successfully completed the 23rd token burning event of the BG tokens. A million BG tokens were burned during the round, which brought the total number of burned tokens to 500 million BG. Just two days earlier, the BigGame team had announced the 22nd burning of a million BG tokens on August 10, 2020.


BigGame is a regulated platform that is based in Estonia. It offers various unique and high-quality games. The games found on the platform are provably fair thanks to the use of blockchain technology and they come with a low house edge. Besides that, players have various avenues to make a profit via the dividends offered by the BG tokens.

Players can also earn extra income form the platform through the referral system and the VIP system. To keep up with the developments of the platform, users can join their telegram channel. There are usually various give ways that can be found through this channel. The team behind the project is always active and ready to deal with any issues that bettors might have. BigGame has thus far grown to become one of the biggest EOS Dapps with a growing user base.