Investing in a CRYO Project Could Make All the Difference in Your Crypto Investment Journey

Investing in a CRYO Project Could Make All the Difference in Your Crypto Investment Journey

CRYO blockchain project

Masternode investment platforms have become quite common in the crypto space. The reason for this can be traced back to long-lasting bearish market the crypto market was thrown in since late 2017. Then, most coins were not rising in value and the ones not dumping hard were in range. This made owning a masternode the most profitable way of investing in the crypto space. With a masternode, whether the market price goes up or down, you earn coins which in turn means cash. Whether you decide to keep these coins or sell them it becomes your personal investment decision.

Even though an almost full proof method of investing in the crypto industry, joining a masternode platform led by a team with little or no resources or the technical knowledge could easily lead to you losing you money. Also, the majority of these masternode investment platforms doesn’t do a thorough check on the type of coin added to the platform. What new investors don’t know is that just because a masternode package is cheap doesn’t mean it is the right one to buy. Most of the cheap masternode plans you will find belongs to project which are just starting out. As such they are super risky and not a wise investment decision. But unfortunately for unsuspecting investors, these type of coin will be listed on the masternode platform for sale only for the coin to drop down to 1sat and vanish. This is why you need to stick with the best and most practical masternode investment platform around. Another key thing is to find a platform that doesn’t lock in your investments. With cryptos, you need the luxury of being able to cash out as fast as possible.

This is what makes VAULT special.

What is VAULT?

VAULT is an investment platform for investors. It will use masternodes and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concept to power the blockchain for the platform coin VAULT. The secure platform will allow the deposit, withdrawal and storage of investor collateral with all the benefits and rewards of running your own masternodes or staking for rewards. An investment platform of this nature means that there is no maintenance of, or need to have your wallet open and connected to the internet at all times to participate in PoS. All listed projects will operate on an instant share basis, meaning that there is no delay in waiting for a masternode to fill up before receiving rewards. You can take your collateral out at any time or choose to reinvest for maximum effect.

The VAULT coin will be the currency of the Investment platform. So if you plan on buying into any investment on the platform, you need to have some VAULT coins. The coin will also be used to pay for listing fees of other coins on the platform as well as a means to offer reduced costs for hosting of these other coins. Masternode holders of VAULT will have many other benefits and rewards, which we will explain in more detail later.

What is CRYO?

The crypto industry is laced with uncertainty. Fortunately, for investors, the industry’s level of uncertainty can be reduced with a CRYO project.

A CRYO project is a new masternode project that has passed all the required steps and cross-examination required by VAULT Investments team. For those not clear, a CRYO is a feature on the VAULT Platform and not a project or new coin by itself! CRYO is for the next generation of quality masternode projects for investors looking for safer investments.

For a project to qualify as a CRYO project, it must have not distributed any coins. This is because the presale masternodes will be sold and frozen on the VAULT platform for an agreed time. Only the master node rewards can be withdrawn or reinvested.

The VAULT Investments team has a very high standard, so not all new project qualifies as a CRYO project. Before getting introduced to the platform and investors, it would have gone through extensive scrutiny.

Three Levels of Trust

A CRYO project will be ranked on 3 levels of trust. Investors will know the quality they are buying and the commitment of the projects. They will get to know the project owners before they buy and discuss and communicate with them in their own private channels. Only CRYO investors will have access to the presales CRYO

  • Bronze: Basic level, listed in CRYO
    • A Bronze project will have only agreed to freeze their masternodes for an agreed time. They will only list their presale masternodes but still hold their premine, so this is a very basic level of protection and extra due diligence will be required from investors.
  • Silver: Intermediate level, listed in CRYO, Premine frozen
    • Additionally to being listed in our CRYO Program with all presales frozen. A silver project will have given up their premine giving added protection of premine being dumped.
  • Gold: Top Level listed in CRYO, Premine frozen and team verified by VAULT

Vault Investment

An additional layer of trust has been added. The projects team have been verified by the VAULT Investment’s team. Documents will be verified, followed by numerous phone calls, and video meetings, an interview. An extensive review of the team and project will done.

VAULT is the only available CRYO project currently. However, the VAULT Investment’s team has already announced that there will be 2 custom GOLD projects to follow after VAULT. These are both unique QUALITY projects that will launch with utilities and use cases right from the start. The creation and setting up of these two Gold projects will be closely monitored by the VAULT Investments team. Importantly, both project will be hosted in VAULT’s discord server in their own categories with all announcements, official links, news, updates, support and communities being cared for directly on the VAULT Investments server.

VAULT Investments is one of the few projects in the industry right now doing things the right way. This makes them a rare gem. Importantly, joining the platform gives you first pick at promising and vetted projects. Instead of having to gamble your money you can just relax and let the team do all the hard work for you.

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