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French Digital Reserve

A Lending Platform and a Trading Room in Dubai Set for Launch by the French Digital Reserve Management

French Digital Reserve is an actualized concept actualized by a dedicated community and an ambitious team. It rides on the spirit of blockchain: decentralization and efficiency.  Over time, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are proving to be useful and governments are now spreading their arms, accepting its benefits, and incorporating the solution in key sectors of…
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Syscoin Bridge

Introducing Syscoin Bridge – Easy Interoperability With The Ethereum Blockchain

Since its inception 6 years ago in 2014, the Syscoin protocol has come a long way. Syscoin is a blockchain protocol that hosts robust and powerful features allowing its users to transact at very high throughputs, with near-instant confirmation, in a secure, low-cost, and straightforward way. The project’s aim is to democratize and liberalize the…
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DAPS payment system

DAPS Coin: Redefining Privacy In Blockchain-based Transactions With a Hybrid Consensus Model

Although the advent of blockchain technology has brought a major revolution in instant and low-cost global payments, a majority of the public blockchain networks fail to address the issue of privacy. As the blockchain industry has matured over the last decade, a number of privacy blockchain projects have come to users’ rescue offering an additional…
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Arion Coin

In Celebration of 3 Years of Life: Arion Coin

ARION coin is turning 3! The team is so happy to share this occasion with you, the community, and are grateful for the support you have shown over the years. As the project turn three, its team looks back at all they have accomplished and takes a look at where the project is going. Firstly,…
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BuySell Coin

BuySell Coin Project is Prioritizing Wild Animals Welfare and Conservancy, BULL Coin Trading at $6.24

Humanity can’t exist in isolation. Yes, we are a top apex predator, and our actions have been blamed for devastating the environment, wildlife, and causing such an acute imbalance that the future, according to scientists, is unclear. Towards that end, there must be steps for the conservancy, of preservation, and of putting in place measures…
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AllSafe Incentivization Programs Where You Can Earn Passive Income and Enjoy Special Deals

AllSafeCoin (ASAFE) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency project with its blockchain-based on a multi-consensus (MN) and Proof-of-Stake system, allowing coin holders to earn passive income through staking and masternode holdings.  This way, regardless of financial capacity, users can earn income while simultaneously fortifying the network and ensuring general stability.  Unique Features of AllSafeCoin The project’s main…
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SnowGem card

SnowGem Introduces a New Wallet And Credit Card Features to Its Platform

Updates on the 7th of February, 2020! New testing cards have arrived! While the public blockchain projects have got the ball rolling in getting faster and low-cost payments to the world, the privacy coins have managed to facilitate and secure the use of blockchain technology by adding the element of privacy.  SnowGem (XSG) is one…
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VAULT Investments

A Comprehensive Overview of VAULT Investments

Greetings all readers, Whether you are experienced in the cryptocurrency and/or Masternode space, the VAULT investments platform is too good to not be on your radar. This article will serve as an introduction to VAULT, and give a complete and thorough overview of its many features and offerings. Introduction to VAULT – Platform Overview Despite…
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OkCash – A Hybrid Cryptocurrency To Revolutionize Decentralized Payments

The onslaught of decentralized digital currencies is changing the face of global payment systems. OkCash is one such cryptocurrency that is right at the heart of this crypto revolution. This cryptocurrency is an open-source hybrid cryptocurrency built using the Proof-of-Stake consensus model. Its native blockchain network called the OK Network is also an open-source public…
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PIVX new wallet

PIVX Releases the Most Advanced and User-Friendly QT Crypto Wallet Ever

The technology that powers practically every core wallet today provides an “acceptable” level of functionality, re-using and updating code from the original Bitcoin wallet from more than 10 years ago, built for techs and crypto-nerds and not user-friendly. PIVX thinks it’s time for a revolution. The PIVX Project wants cryptocurrency to be for everyone, and…
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