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Why ESBC is the Best Performing Crypto Betting Platform

The E-Sports Betting Masternode (ESBC) is the world’s leading cryptocurrency betting platform. It is currently one of the most interesting masternode projects that promise investors very genuine liquidity. It should be noted that ESBC survived one of the most turbulent bear markets that literally wiped so many masternode projects off the radar. Part of the…
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Merge escrow

MERGE: A Trusted Crypto Escrow Service Provider Giving Interest on Savings

Over the last few years, several public cryptocurrencies and blockchain service providers have entered the market with the promise of getting digital assets in the mainstream. However, only a few of them have managed to stay relevant to the test of time. Projects that lack in giving a unique value proposition to crypto investors and…
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Electra project

The Electra Project

Electra coin is an open-source digital currency that focuses more on security, cost-effectiveness, and performance. One can make instant peer-to-peer payments with transactions at lightning speed anywhere in the world. Let’s dig deep and discover more about this super-secure digital currency. What is Electra? In simple words, Electra, also known as ECA, is a payment…
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Streamies: Democratizing Content Generation and Distribution Using the Power of Blockchain

With the global internet consumption skyrocketing northwards, the online media and content industry is witnessing a massive growth over the last few years. While the content streaming and distribution industry had progressed considerably, it has not done enough democratize this process for content creators as well as consumers. Streamies is one such cryptocurrency that aims…
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World Markets AI

World Markets: Embracing AI For Greater Profits

Numerous discussions are going on about AI and computerized reasoning on the planet now. We are at a point where we are progressively coordinating machines into our lives. With consistent incorporation, robots can remove the test of battling with intermittent and monotonous assignments and let us center around progressively subjective concerns. One of the advantages…
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BitGrin: Leveraging the MimbleWimble Protocol

Over the last decade since the inception of Bitcoin, several public blockchain networks and their native cryptocurrencies have arrived in the market. While these platforms solve the important issues of transparency of instant global payment settlements, they lack to cater to the privacy requirements of its users. Addressing this issue of users’ privacy, a new…
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OkCash wallet

New Upgrades to OkCash Platform Aims At Better Network

OkCash (OK) the open-source hybrid cryptocurrency has made considerable progress since its arrival in the market. The cryptocurrency aims to push the mass adoption of digital in the global economy allowing users to make payments for purchases. However, for this to happen, the OkCash’s native network – OK Network – must ensure that it offers…
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crypto exchange Birake

Birake Cloud, Successful Idea Adopted Also by Binance Cloud and KuCoin Cloud

Launched two years ago, Birake Cloud successful idea is now also adopted by Binance Cloud and KuCoin Cloud. If it is all about development and community, then Birake adheres to blockchain principles. For any exchange, users and volumes are important. Birake does that with ease, reliably, and cheaply. This is important especially when cryptocurrency exchanges…
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Midas coin

Midas Coin Emissions

If you have been involved with Midas for any amount of time, you are aware that one of the core principles of Midas coin is to maintain positive economic conditions through controlled coin emissions and burns. Midas coin has a low ROI (currently only 40%), which has recently decreased about 10%. Paired with this low…
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Flits 3

Flits 3 Masternode App

The Flits Masternode now brings a new and proactive feature that takes care of multiple number of nodes. Some of the other additional perks accorded by Flits 3 include the Ambassador Program, a better intuitive design and fortified safety. The new application update has given power to user and provides a decentralized program to handle…
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