Klimatas: Want to Make A Lot of Money While Doing Good?

Klimatas: Want to Make A Lot of Money While Doing Good?


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Anyone who says you can’t make yourself rich while doing good and keeping the environment in good condition surely haven’t heard of the Klimatas blockchain project.

Klimatas is a blockchain project centered around the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SGDs) goals. With the team behind the project working hard to ensure that the projects’ goals of making sure that the sustainable development goals are met, the project community has been able to grow itself into one of the most active communities right now. At a time where most second-tier crypto projects are going dark and not making efforts to stay relevant due to the crippling bear market, the project has made some key advancements.

Same Project New Name

Recently, the project announced that it would be scaling down from two companies to one.

Right now, the Klimatas project is run by two companies: Klimatas B.V and Klimatas 3D B.V. In order to ensure adequate management and save funding, the team behind the project has decided to register a new holding company called Dutch Crypto Works.

B.V. Klimatas B.V. will be registered under this company, which means that Klimatas profit will go the balance of the holding company.

About Flits

Also, the project has announced a new innovation called Flits.

Flits is a mobile app, which makes it possible to manage crypto investments on the go. The app is designed to make the process of investing in various crypto projects easy.

To get started on the platform, users only need to deposit some bitcoins. Once the deposit reflects in the user’s account. Such a user can proceed to buy coins listed on the platform directly. They can then proceed to start a (shared) masternode, or simply stake their coins.

Upon maturing and accumulating enough, rewards can be automatically sold through the use of the app. This app function removes the need for using the exchanges. Flits is the Dutch word for ‘flash’ which is a synonym for the word ‘fast’.

What is Klimatas Hub?

The Klimatas Hub is one of Klimatas’ way of making money to support the growth of the project. The Klimatas HUB currently has 13 coins listed on it and a total of 118 nodes are running on the platform. The listing process on the HUB is not an easy one, as the team do well to vet all projects listed.

Right now, the HUB is the backbone of the Klimatas sustainable development ecosystem, as such the Hub is going to evolve into more than just a masternode management suite, with plans to launch the Klimatas Online Educative Platform in the near future —” helping to evangelize sustainable development goals, and spread awareness about recent developments.”

Importantly, all masternodes listed on the Klimatas Hub are offered with 24/7 support by a team of dedicated specialists, ensuring any issues are handled swiftly.

Klimatas team is of the strong belief that the investors can make money while still doing good for the environment. The main focuses will be on projects that will in the long run aid the sustainable development goals. In its early stages, the team will be focused on projects that revolve around clean energy, energy-neutral housing, cheaper housing and less food waste, as well as no more hunger and partnerships to achieve goals.

The Klimatas project is one which will surely stand the test of time. With the KTS token trading extremely low, now seems to be the perfect time to buy into the project.