WIN.WIN: The Future of Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange

WIN.WIN: The Future of Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange

With several cryptocurrency exchanges getting hacked on a regular basis, it has become quite pertinent that a better alternative that does not require trusting the safety of one’s coin in the hands of complete strangers. This reason and many others is why the platform was created.

The Win.Win Exchange

Win.Win is a cross-chain, a peer-to-peer exchange that facilitates the direct wallet-to-wallet transacting of digital assets between network users.

In its first stage, the platform was able to garner itself some key partnership and important listing which has aided its visibility and advancement.

Backed by an incubator that supports and advances transformative infrastructure projects, New Capital, and the NEM foundation, the platform has been able to complete its initial stage and is now on track with its road map.

Bitsane is a major crypto exchange, so a partnership of this level will surely come with thorough due diligence. A platform is as significant as Bitsane partnering with Win.Win is a clear indicator that the project has potential.

The team has also on several occasions registered their satisfaction with how Bitsane handles things, most especially the platform’s dedication to impeccable customer service.

Another significant achievement registered by the team is its listing on – the major coin index for the crypto industry. It is no news that a listing on CMC is worth hundreds of listed on numerous crypto and masternodes tracking websites and apps. This clearly is testifying to the platform’s eligibility as the qualification for this listing required a number of stringent conditions, as CoinMarketCap has defined high standards of due diligence that must be met.

One of the conditions for listing on CoinMarketCap was that the coin must be traded on a minimum of two approved exchanges. To meet these conditions, TWINS was also listed on As a result of this listing, p2pb2b now facilitates approximately 25% of the TWINS trading volume.

STAGE 2: TWINS Network Growth

With the successful completion of the first stage of operation, the project has entered the second stage. The main goals for stage 2 of the project are network growth and further decentralization, community growth, engagement and active participation, project visibility, communications and PR, TWINS coin acceptance and usability, development of strategic partnerships.

Just like any crypto project the TWIN community is its greatest asset. According to the team, one of the most important goals of stage 2 is to ensure that tools, interfaces and procedures that are required to maximize inter-community engagement and participation are made available.

An active community is tantamount to network growth in terms of the number of active masternodes and the accelerating transaction activity of TWINS coin on the network and crypto-exchanges.

The TWINS Coin project is still in its early stage and with more than $50,000 24hrs trading volume across major exchanges, the coin is on track to becoming a force to reckon with in the peer to peer crypto trading platform.