KOINON: Enabling Cross-Border Crypto-based Stable Payments for Unbanked, Enterprise, and Merchants

KOINON: Enabling Cross-Border Crypto-based Stable Payments for Unbanked, Enterprise, and Merchants


While the traditional banking systems have made tall claims about expanding its business and services across the globe, the reality is that many of the developing nations still remain underbanked and far from getting access to banking services.

KOINON is one such ambitious project that aims to break these barriers and establishing a frictionless crypto-based payment system for the unbanked or underbanked, merchants and enterprises.

But don’t just mistaken yourself thinking that KOINON is just any other cryptocurrency project in the market. KOINON has got a robust payment ecosystem in place which caters to the needs of all.

While many crypto-payments systems came to the market in the last decade, they have largely failed to push the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The reason is most of the crypto projects fail to provide the payment technology that can cater to daily purchases of individuals and businesses.

The KOINON platform addresses this issue straight-up! Before Proceeding to understand the benefits of using the native KOIN cryptocurrency, let us first understand the working of its payments ecosystem.

The KOINON Platform Crypto Payments Ecosystem

The KOINON platform provides a robust crypto-payments ecosystem addressing the needs of individual freelances, merchants, and bigger NGOs/Enterprises.

The platform has got its own KOIN eWallet, physical Point-of-Sale (PoS), international debit cards funded by KOIN eWallets, and Cloud-based PoS accepting KOIN eWallet payments.

  • KOINON Crypto Debit Card: The KOINON platform has a cryptocurrency-backed international debit card that functions similarly to other international Visa debit cards. However, this card is specifically backed by crypto held in the KOINON eWallet.
  • KOINON Chameleon Pay eWallet: The KOINON eWallet facilitates Fiat to crypto and fiat to eWallet for remittances as well as other QR code-based merchant payments.

    The eWallet already holds 125 million KOIN dcoins in addition to other public cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, XLM, and XRP.
  • KOINON Ecosystem: KOINON has got its native blockchain platform that facilitates instant cross-border payments for KOINON eWallet transactions, P2P transactions, merchant payments, etc.
  • KOINON Merchant Payments: All merchants on the KOINON platform use Koinon’s OmniChannel Cloud POS processing system for online and offline transactions.

The major USP of the KOINON platform is that all transactions take place in 1-3 seconds which is very ideal for PoS and online transactions. Since all transactions happen on KOINON’s native blockchain network, the transaction fee is very negligible at just USD 0.0001 cents per transaction.

Thus, KOINON transactions are much faster and cheaper to the BTC and ETH transactions which take around 10 minutes of processing time and cost anywhere between $8-12. Also, the BTC network can process only 7 transactions per second and is not much scalable.

On the other hand, the KOINON blockchain can process 44,000 concurrent transactions every second. Much faster than Visa’s current 1700 transactions per second (TPS) capacity.

Benefits of Using KOINON Payments System for Individuals, Enterprises and Merchants

  • Individuals: Freelancers and individuals can receive payments using KOIN by enabling Cloud Commerce shop sales. Some NGOs and Non-Profits can also use KOIN to send payments to refugees or staff.

    Besides, one can also use KOIN for utility bill payments, to pay mobile phone bills, pay online educational fees, as well as in-store QR code-based PoS payments.

    In countries like Venezuela where there’s economic and political unrest, users can hold KOIN cryptocurrency as an alternative to deflationary currencies.

    Instant transfer of fund cross-border to friends and family using the KOINON blockchain network.
  • NGOs and Enterprises: Using KOIN you can donate to NGOs and Non-Profits where using cash or local currency is difficult.

    Using the KOINON offline payments, you get access to a fifth of the world’s population who is entering the global digital economy for the first time.

    Some of the other potential KOIN use-cases include Import/Export fees, customs duties, online cross border settlements, staff, or NGO relief payments.
  • Merchants: KOINONs Omnichannel Payments System includes acceptance of eWallets, QR Code payments, Crypto eWallets, Credit/Debit Cards, etc.

    The major advantage for merchants accepting payments in KOIN cryptocurrency is having nil merchant fees. However, payments accepted in other cryptocurrencies can attract a 1% fee.

    The platform’s Chameleon Pay KOIN Wallet allows merchants to accept payments through Qr code or other eWallets. Along with KOIN, merchants can accept payments in other cryptocurrencies.


The KOINON payments platform aims to address the real-world challenges of today for instant cross-border payments. It aims to build a complete ecosystem including all elements of the real-world economy.