LASREVER Trading Live on MEXC Global Platform Under $DAI/$LSVR

LASREVER Trading Live on MEXC Global Platform Under $DAI/$LSVR


New York, New York – (August 8, 2022) –  LASREVER is now live on the MEXC platform, trading with the pair $DAI/$LSVR along with USDT. LASREVER is a community-driven platform with a mystery game that is meant to be solved. The community must work together to solve puzzles, riddles, cyphers, and riddles. As every puzzle is solved, the next part of the story will unfold, taking users deeper into the LASREVER world.

LASREVER represents going back to the ancient age and gaining the wisdom of the ways and means of the years gone by. LASREVER aims to shine a light on the extent of human ambitions.

In the age when humanity continues to strive for more, LASREVER will help the community appreciate the legacy of past civilizations. It will allow people living in the current age to understand and appreciate the culture, nature, and practices of the past.

Traveling to the Past Through Enigmas

Enigmas will help the LASREVER community understand the upcoming human evolution aspects. It will help users visualize and understand the lives of the apes and how they evolved gradually.

LASREVER will help the user tap into the collective awakening allowing them to alleviate the earthly desires.

The motive is to help the users realize a life without the earthly desires and the sufferings that come along. So, to re-enter the stage of enlightenment, it is important to look back, and that is what LASREVER will allow its community to practice.

Going into the past will be done with Enigmas which will represent the beacon of progress towards the ancient age. It will help the community unite and inspire them to explore more. These enigmas are equal to the blueprints of the vision holding LASREVER together and helping everyone gain rewards.

To Sum Up

LASREVER is a community-driven and decentralized platform aiming to shine a light on the ancient ages, taking the community back to the age of the apes. The platform consists of puzzles and riddles that the entire community will solve collectively to unravel the next part of the journey towards the past. Users will discover ways and means of living in the past, gather their wisdom, and embrace nature with enigmas allowing them to become a part of the world humankind has left behind.

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