People are Learning About Bitcoin Through AirBit Club amidst Bitcoin Halving

People are Learning About Bitcoin Through AirBit Club amidst Bitcoin Halving

AirBit Club

The last 90 days have been a roller-coaster ride in both the traditional financial markets and the cryptocurrency market. The global financial markets have been witnessing moderate volatility due to fear, uncertainty, and doubt, as investors are losing billions due to the lockdown.

Bitcoin has been considered as a hedge against global economic volatility, and investors are taking interest in Bitcoin due to its unparalleled fundamentals. Due to the halving event, bitcoin’s case became strong in the months of April-May, where retail and institutional investors exposed themselves to the asset, and the asset went up by 57.44% in just 37 days. As of now, the total market cap of the crypto market stands at $244,152,730,580 (244 Billion USD), and the market is expected to grow as the halving event has sparked a huge interest in this asset class.

The Crypto Journey has just started ft AirBit Club

According to google trends, people are interested in Bitcoin more than ever. And they are looking for various ways to learn about crypto-economics. One of the most popular platforms to learn about cryptocurrencies is AirBit Club.

AirBit Club is a decentralized system that helps people learn about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, business mentoring, networking, and other business growth-related activities. The platform has been registering new users at record rates amidst the bitcoin halving hype. AirBit Club teaches its users about the use of cryptocurrencies, how to open a wallet, and how to benefit from AirBit Club’s decentralized referral marketing system.

Learning through Different Mediums

AirBit Club enables people to learn about crypto-economics in different ways and different mediums. The company has been successfully hosting blockchain meetups, conferences, and even blockchain shows. These shows and events are considered to be one of the most significant blockchain events because these meetups register anywhere from 7000 attendees to 10000 attendees.

The vision behind creating the AirBit Club system is to bring the use of digital currency and its adoption to all people in the world through education and training on its various types of use. Less than 1% of the world’s population currently uses cryptocurrencies, and the goal is to increase that number in the following years.

Started in 2015, the club has approximately 1.9 million members today. Entrepreneurs from around the world are joining the decentralized club to boost their careers by learning crypto-economics.