Transparency is the Future – Bitscoin Token

Transparency is the Future – Bitscoin Token


Making an investment is a risky business. Yes, the rewards may be great, but so can the losses. So how can we ensure that the investments we make, have the highest chance of success? By investing in opportunities that are as transparent as possible, allowing us to make smart decisions. BITSCOIN is a decentralized open-source crowdfunding/investing platform that eliminates the need for investors to blindly trust the projects they are looking to invest in.

There have been some ICOs launched in recent years that have proven to be trustworthy, but many have run away with investors money without so much as a glimpse of what they had promised. The current climate only allows the most risk inclined investors to feel comfortable enough to invest, while the vast majority rightfully holds fire due to lack of transparency from the development team regarding their projects.

How does Bitscoin Token make investing safer?

Bitscoin token’s innovative capabilities allow the platform to take into consideration some vital components that allow it to provide users with the essential information that they need to make intelligent investment decisions. Through the knowledge gained from psychological research, Bitscoin Token has been optimized to give power back to the investor rather than those seeking financial support. It is believed that through the use of Bitscoin Token, developers will need to create better projects, genuine projects will receive significantly more funding due to less risk needing to be taken and that as a whole the crypto world will flourishing and exude a more trustworthy aura which it is currently struggling to do in our current economical climate.

Smart Contracts

Through the use of smart contracts, it is possible to bypass potential bias regarding a given project. This is due to the fact these smart contracts allow the token holders to moderate and validate what is actually going on in the development process rather than the ‘everything is going great!’ message that has left some investors out of pocket when the project ‘suddenly’ folds out of nowhere. By avoiding the need to blindly trust the development team, this opens up the potential for a whole host of new investors to come to the table as it makes investing in new projects much more attractive.

Vault system

Two options are available to investors to allow for safer investing to take place. The vault system ensures that the investor is happy with the progress of the project and therefore is willing to continue to invest in the project. Additionally, funds are kept safe in the vault to allow for protection from hacking. This vault system gives power back to the investors, allowing for them to take more calculated risks, which in turn makes for a healthier environment for projects to grow, investors to profit, and crypto as a whole to flourish.

Who is Bitscoin being developed by?

Bitscoin Token is lead by M Ammar Aslam a specialist in A.I with a Master’s level degree as well as a successful entrepreneur for over a decade. Alongside him, within the team, are multiple members with a variety of skills that in collaboration give Bitscoin Token a strong chance of success. The members that were selected to be part of the development team were cherry-picked for their natural ability, professionalism, and a shared vision for a safer investing environment. To ensure the success of this project, only like-minded individuals have been chosen and will continue to be chosen as the project naturally grows, allowing for organic, transparent energy to radiate both from our platform and team as a whole.


Overall, it is clear to see that Bitscoin Token has the potential to really bring investing in the crypto world to the masses. Transparency provides potential investors with the security they need to part with their hard-earned cash and this is likely to allow for significantly more investment to take place. The crypto world has been compared to the likes of penny stock trading in the past, with projects like Bitscoin Token appearing, these comparisons will soon be something we can resign to history. Transparency is coming and it will be here to stay.