Looking for Real Life Purpose: KingsCoin in Focus

Looking for Real Life Purpose: KingsCoin in Focus


Generally, cryptocurrencies are centered around a “one-way” blockchain project, with a specific purpose. This means the success or failure of that project determines whether investors will be making any money in the long run. For those who have spent quite a while in the crypto industry, by now it is clear that the majority of these blockchain projects make promises they naturally won’t be able to keep. Once this fact becomes clear, the coin naturally starts to lose its value and dies a natural death.

Judging by this, most crypto coins are not fit for investment.

As a result of this, more coins with real investment value, are in high demand. This is basically because investing in a coin dedicated to a project with no real business behind its no longer appealing. Investors want the real deal and right now there are very few blockchains towing this path.

Of this “new age” blockchain project, this project has particularly garnered itself a lot of attention. The project focuses on adding more value to a cryptocurrency by ensuring that it has more use case and flexibility.


KingsCoin which is based on a secure Quark algorithm based cryptocurrency with Masternodes. It is a coin based on a real company. The project is centered on creating more use for cryptocurrency outside its regular use for transactions.

As of now, cryptocurrency has gone mainstream, however, many of these coins are restricted for transitional use only. This limited use of cryptocurrency has really reduced the true value of cryptocurrency. The KingsCoin plans to change this.

Bitcoin, which is the mother of all cryptocurrencies, had a specific purpose when it was first introduced. And so did Ethereum, and this made them successful. Following this trend, KingsCoin aims to be successful due to the purpose it aims to serve. It aims to provide a safe and secure means for transactions, with a goal of being implemented into several functional business models.

The developers of the KingsCoin believes that cryptocurrency should not be restricted to the finance industry alone, but should be an instrument that can be used by all. For this reason, KingsCoin is designed to attract users through the kind of business the project has attached to the coin, as it will provide an easy, fast and secure coin for transactions, as well as amazing investment opportunities which are legal.

To achieve its aim, KingsCoin has initiated some flagship products. These products are: a Translation Services, a Dubbing Services and a Voice-Over Services. The network also provides a cheap and efficient platform for users to be served with a variety of products. KingsCoin has certain features that it intends on capitalizing on to ensure its users are absolutely satisfied. These features include, Masternodes, Inflation Target, and Return On Investment (ROI).

Features of the KingsCoin Network


The fact that the KingsCoin is a PoS based cryptocurrency means that Masternode has an important role to play in the KingsCoin network. In fact, the second layer of the KingsCoin network is its Masternode, as it is responsible for providing processing power for instant confirmation of transactions. It makes use of the SwiftTx technology inherited from PIVX.

Inflation Target

The team behind the development of the KingsCoin Network have carefully made calculations and research in order to ascertain an inflation target. The purpose for this is to make sure that the KingsCoin doesn’t go through devaluation that comes from inflation.

High Return On Investment (ROI)

The KingsCoin Network plans to provide an avenue for every investor on the platform to be able to make high returns on their various investment. Remuneration on the network will be carefully calculated by experts. Therefore, everyone will get their money worth and no one will get cheated.

The KingsCoin Network was recently added to the MNROI platform.
Through this, an accurate estimation of revenue and performance of its Masternodes will be provided.


One thing that keeps KingsCoin ahead of other public blockchain project is the fact that the coin is based on a real company with real products. This is something lacking in most blockchain projects, even the top ranking ones.

With all its features, the coin will serve both individuals and organizations adequately.