Multiple Revenue Streams of Blockchain Projects: Meet Beacon

Multiple Revenue Streams of Blockchain Projects: Meet Beacon

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Not putting your eggs into one basket seems like a really wise thing to do right? Well, with the majority of blockchain based project, the opposite of the above stated financial advice seems to be the case. This is basically because the majority of these projects are tied to a particular business ideal. So once this idea fails, it becomes very difficult for the project to survive.

For projects connected to multiple streams of incomes, the failure of one source of income does not affect the entirety of the network. As a result, such project presents its self as a more sound investment avenue over other projects built around a single utility.

The importance of having blockchain based project constructed around multiple sources of income right now, can not be overemphasized, especially with how most blockchain based projects are overpromising.

One project which is designed to address the problem of singular utility is blockchain project Beacon.

About Beacon

Beacon is a major cryptocurrency ecosystem which supports multiple platforms for generating revenue. Scalability and utility is a major concern of the Beacon network as it tries to integrate itself with multiple revenue generating platforms. A portion of the revenue generated from these platforms is in turn channelled into the Beacon Foundation, which is the non-profit arm of this project.

The Beacon network is a fully decentralized one, which is a feature separating it from other projects of its kind. According to the team behind the project, Beacon plans on increasing its utilities via these three methods: Acquisitions, Development and Partnership.

Two of these three methods: acquisitions and development, are done through the project’s Incubator.

On the Beacon Ecosystem, ideas are converted into a platform for generating utility and revenue. The use of Beacon’s resources, team and community make the conversion process smooth and easy.

The Beacon Coin

For all connected projects, the Beacon coin is used for the utility coin, and with the generated revenue, more development can be funded, as well as executing coin buybacks, while every excess revenue goes directly into the treasury. With the excess revenue, a modified Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be created by the project, as it establishes a real-world foundation.

The Ecosystem

The blockchain project Beacon Ecosystem is a highly scalable environment which was specially made to accommodate a collection of utility platforms.

The effectiveness of a blockchain ecosystem can be seen in its currency. For this reason, the Beacon coin is designed to be used on an array of platforms, unlike other projects that focuses all attention on a single utility. Some distinguishing features of the Beacon Network are the Bot Monitoring Services, the Beacon Arcade, the Beacon Foundation, and the Beacon Incubator.

Bot Monitoring Services

The Monitor Bot Services is the first platform which is designed to be part of the Beacon Ecosystem. It is absorbed through the Incubator platform and it is a multifaceted service provider. The service is already active on the platform, providing the project with the needed utility from the beginning. The Beacon Monitor Bot Services provides a customized and standard automation program for social platforms such as Telegram, Discord, and their likes. Shared staking pool and shared masternode are other services the Monitor offers, all at competitive prices. 15 percent of all revenue generated by the Monitor goes to Beacon.

Beacon Arcade

The Beacon Arcade is an online entertainment project designed by this blockchain project Beacon team to add little fun to the community. The Arcade project will start out with popular and classic games, after which more comprehensive and accessible games will be introduced.

Beacon Foundation

The Beacon Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Beacon Project. The project depends on the foundation for its start-up funding and carrying out certain impacting initiatives around the world. This Foundation helps the project execute one of its primary visions, which is simply to be a cryptocurrency that makes a positive impact in the world, thereby changing the way people around the world view cryptocurrency.

Beacon Incubator

The Beacon Incubator is a platform that gives developers the chance to be a part of the Beacon team, as they contribute their ideas to the project. It is considered as the most important part of the Beacon project because the Ecosystem needs members in other for it to grow and be maintained.

The Beacon Network is one of the blockchain projects ushering a new wave of multiple-utility cryptocurrency and it is surely a great project to watch out for.