Martkist One Year Anniversary | Going Through the Developments and Halving

Martkist One Year Anniversary | Going Through the Developments and Halving


Martkist, a platform characterized by complete anarchy and a decentralized ecosystem, has completed its one year of inception. The platform claims to bring a new dawn of how cryptocurrency should work and the way it must bring a greeted benefit to the community. Working on the Sha 256 algorithm with the ticker MARTK, the current supply of the coin is 15 million and with a limit to increase up to 30 million in 10 years.

One Year Progress of Martkist

Martkist is characterized by a system boasting decentralized anarchy bringing the benefits of cryptocurrency. Martkist launched one year back with no Premine and no ICO with an aim to build a marketplace that runs on a budget proposal voting mechanism ensuring that the entire community takes part in the exercise.

Currently, Martkist has an overachieving ecosystem that includes a faucet, bridge token, altwrap, and a legacy wallet. Right after the launch of the platform, the development team at Martkist created a fully functional Over Counter desk.

Following this, another update brought the benefits of wrapped tokens to the MARTK community. The wMARTK can be easily swapped with real digital currency or exchanged on Uniswap in a 1:1 ratio. This will give the Martkist users freedom to engage with the liquidity pools registered on Uniswap without actually exchanging the currency.

Martkist’s commitment to bring the benefits of cryptocurrency to address the real-world problems cemented with the service to help the Colombian residents to pay for the treatment with MARTK. So, with this move, more people and more industries have come under the purview of cryptocurrency.

Integration with Social Media

With the help of Martkist Twitter Faucet that allowed the users and beneficiaries to earn rewards by sharing and promoting. This helps both the users and the Martkist platform. With the completion of several daily-based tasks, the users stand to gain from additional rewards.

A Unique Three-Tier Staking Platform and Multi-Sig

Almost every cryptocurrency platform that has hit the market till now has a staking function so does Martkist. But what’s different here is that it is a three-tier structure. Every tier has a different composition of tokens and has a different staking time period.

Plus, the reward percentage for every tier is also different and it increases with the staking time and the number of tokens staked. The last two things that are noteworthy with reference to Martkist include Multi-Sig technology integration and Time-Lock Feature.

With the integration of Multi-Signature technology with the wallets, Martkist has made the wallets more secure. With this addition, multiple authorization keys are required to forward a transaction. Moreover, Martkist has an Ethereum-based Multi-sig integration which provides for on-chain signatures and makes the entire exercise more flexible.

Martkist Halving is Nearing

Halving is an exercise whereby the rewards received by the miners are cut in half. So in a miner earlier used to receive 2 crypto coins, now they will receive 1 crypto coin. One of the reasons for halving is increasing the value of the cryptocurrency.

Because prior to halving the existing miners are motivated to mine more coins and new miners get an incentive to start mining because after halving the rewards may reduce. Halving has a direct relation to demand and supply.

One of the interpretations of halving is that out of the total supply of the said cryptocurrency, some amount has already been mined. This means the users already have fewer coins available in the free market than the number of coins during the launch. In other words, the supply reduces which automatically increases the value and the demand.

For Martkist, the POW halving is scheduled to be held in the month of February 2021. This means that after the month of February, the miners of the platform will receive less reward but the final value of the MARTK coin will increase.

What is Martkist?

Martkist is a community-first coin system and it is a safer platform as all the decisions are taken by the users and not defined by the team. Hence, it is the community working for each other and sharing the benefits with each other. Along with the support of the Z-DAG protocol, Martkist has the capability to go through a high throughput for all the services and products offered. Martkist is constantly working to bring in more benefits for the users while creating a better avenue for the users to grow.