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Altwrap | Bringing the Freedom of Cross-Chain Transactions to the User’s Wallet at Lower Fees

The realm of crypto is observing new developments on a daily basis. The coming of crypto was a revolution, but its regular evolution is what inspired users to engage with these platforms. Another one of these developments facilitated by Martkist is Altwrap. Martkist has recently launched its wrapped tokens website, Altwrap that allows the users…
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Martkist Faucet

Everything You Need to Know About the Martkist Faucet Update

Martkist has always progressed and helped its users develop while strengthening the power of the community. Due to the close association with the current market situation and understanding its dynamics, Martkist has been consistent in developing and bringing new concepts to the market.  Following the development path, this time, Martkist brings yet another efficient and…
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Martkist Brings the Benefits of Cryptocurrency to Colombian Medical Tourism Industry

It only takes one small change, one small step in the right direction, to develop a unique product, and that is exactly what Martkist has done. Martkist has been working to make the cryptocurrency more inclusive, accessible, and transacted in the daily lives of the users. The project has revealed the list of doctors and…
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Martkist’s Participation Efforts and Outreach has Been Successful at the BitconF’s 8th Edition

BitcoinF is the biggest Bitcoin conference in Latin America, and its 8th edition was concluded in the past week. The event, which began on the 10th of September 2020, ran for three days until the 13th of September and saw a heavy influx of enthusiasts, crypto gurus, speakers, and patrons from various parts of the…
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Martkist To Unveil Its Wrapped Token wMARTK While Introducing Uniswap Liquidity

Community driven project and “decentralized anarchy” project Martkist is now working on a Wrapped ERC20 token wMARTK which can be easily swapped on the Uniswap platform. Basically, the wrapped version of cryptocurrency means an ERC20 token equivalent of the real digital currency. The reason behind developing a wrapped token is easier and faster liquidity to…
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Decentralized Marketplace Martkist to Unveil OTC Trading Desk and Online Forum

When we think of Anarchy, many of us involuntarily drift towards civil disobedience, violent protests, and vandalism. This is unfortunate because Anarchy is a highly scholarly public discourse of a world without hierarchical systems of governance where people collaborate freely and trade/goods exchange is prioritized. Introducing Martkist Martkist is an online marketplace that makes anarchical/decentralized…
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Hotbit exchange

Marktist Has a New Proposal Up for a Vote – Enlisting on the HotBit Exchange

There is an ongoing proposal that is up for a vote. The proposal calls for MARKT to be listed on the Hotbit exchange. Those who wish to vote on the proposal can view the proposal on this link. The proposal went live on May 30, 2020, and it will end on July 2, 2020. To…
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Martkist Mobile Wallet

Martkist Mobile Wallet: An Overview

What is the Martkist Mobile Wallet? Martkist Mobile Wallet is an app that keeps your currencies and transactions protected online. It allows for safer transactions and easy monitoring, which are supported with equal opportunity systems and strict monitoring against unethical practices. The brand and the wallet itself are both geared towards recognizing and responding to…
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Altcoins: Martkist Proposal Hub Comparison

Cryptocurrencies are changing the very fabric of doing business. From introducing smart contracts to providing us with easy direct transfer platforms, they are streamlining the business proceedings. On top of it, the marketplaces run by the operators of different cryptocurrencies via systems like masternode governance allow business houses to allocate resources optimally. In this article,…
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Martkist community

MARTKIST: Towards a Community-driven Crypto-economy

Digitization has led to an unprecedented rise in the interconnectedness of our societies and economies by heavily reducing transaction costs. This connectivity has enabled large corporations to slowly develop into networks with global reach – internally, with transnational subsidiaries, and externally, with supply chains spanning across the world. However, one phenomenon to have largely eluded…
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