MEREBEL MULTINODE INVESTMENT | First of Its Kind Masternode Hedge Fund

MEREBEL MULTINODE INVESTMENT | First of Its Kind Masternode Hedge Fund

MEREBEL Multinode

Bringing Innovation Through the 1st of its kind Multi-Node Investment

One of the innovative features of the Merebel Masternode Ecosystem is its unique Multinode Investment. As the name suggests, the multi-node investment pool means spreading investments across multiple nodes thereby hedging your risks while simultaneously collecting payments in Bitcoin for passive income and benefit from the increase in the value of the coins.

Moreover, to run a complete Masternode, there is always a minimum investment threshold involved. Merebel’s investment pool breaks this entry barrier by using a pool and sharing different masternode transformed to a strong Multinode.

This unique masternode pool allows investors to park their money in a number of different masternodes simultaneously while hedging your investment risks considerably.

In a crypto FinTech, a multi-node investment is often regarded as a mutual fund with its biggest advantage being the spread of risks.

Just like the traditional mutual funds portfolio, the crypto mutual fund is an investment vehicle comprising a portfolio of digital assets. All funds within the Merebel ecosystem are operated by crypto specialists who do the fund allocation for capital gains and generating income for investors but its also customizable for advanced users.

Another unique feature of the Multinode is the Multi-Exchange with the Auto-Exchanger feature. The Auto-Exchange-Trader system minimizes risk at a large scale as the earned rewards are immediately exchanged to bitcoin.

The Merebel Multi-Exchange is the heart of the system infrastructure, if the Auto-Exchanger feature is enabled, all the incoming rewards sent immediately to extern exchanges and transform all income to Bitcoin for each different hosts.

The Multi-Exchange system facilitates fast automated trades of the Masternode as well as your rewards. Thus, the Merebel platform provides its users with the most up-to-date prices in real-time.

Managment and user functions:

All we have to do is press a few buttons and voila, sit back, relax and earn passive income.

There are different types of multinodes in future but we recommend the standard multinode for best performance, as it is managed by the team Merebel, since here the multinode portfolio will be updated from crypto specialists!

For experienced Cryptonauts there is also the possibility to take care of your multinode yourself.

What is the benefits for advanced users?

  • Disable Auto-Exchanger and get all rewards in different cryptocurrencies.
  • Advanced user can set up their own Multinode themselves.
  • Advanced users can sell their multinode shares at any time with just a few clicks.
  • Buy new cryptocurrencies and transform it into your Multinodes without a fee.
  • Trade with your Multinode shares + earns passive income.
  • Enable Auto-Compounding feature.
  • Add your own funds and transform it into your Multinode


Merebel Multinodes is a beast when it comes to passive income. With all these functions, it is like a dream come true for every investor.

While many cryptocurrency platforms offer the facility to generate passive income through masternode hosting, only a few like Merebel provide a robust system that allows investors to hedge their funds across several masternodes.

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March 5, 2020
January 16, 2020